3 Amazing Garage Makeover Ideas


The garage is a space that has a lot of potential. With the right changes, you can make it a real extension to your home. You don’t have to give up on parking your car in it or storing certain tools, but rather use the remaining space in a creative way. If you want to make an impressive change, read the following lines to get 3 amazing garage makeover ideas.

1. Home office

A great makeover idea for the garage is to turn it into a home office. If you turn the garage into a home office you will get to enjoy actual peace and quiet when you have work to do. All you need is a little space where you can put a desk and a chair. If you have more space to work with, include cabinets and place more than one desk in this additional room as well. If you have two desks in the garage home office, both you and your spouse can work without being distracted by the children. Also, you won’t have other distractions here, like the TV, for example. To make it seem like a real office, put some plants in containers around the room. They might even inspire you to work harder, and you’ll breathe clean and fresh air.

2. Gym

A very popular makeover idea for the garage is to turn it into a gym. Buy a treadmill and other gym equipment that you like, and place them in the garage facing one of the walls. On the wall, just like it’s shown in the picture above, you can place a TV. You can watch it while you workout to not get bored. Also, you can hang sports articles that you have to store them for later use, like tennis racquets for example. It’s especially great for those who have office jobs because they lead an unhealthy lifestyle if they don’t make sure to get at least 30 minutes of workout every day. Therefore, turn the garage into a gym and your health will benefit from this makeover as well.

3. Entertainment room

Last but not least, a great makeover for the garage is to turn it into an entertainment room. You can use it every day when you get home from work to unwind and have fun, and you can throw great parties when your friends come over as well. In the garage entertainment room, you can put a TV, a comfy couch to have where to sit, a pool table, and even a bar.

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