5 tips to buy the perfect modern wood stove


Those people who want to maintain a contemporary home décor while saving money on utility bills and reducing their carbon footprint should definitely consider purchasing a wood stove. Taking into account the wide selection of products available on the market, not finding a style that can match every type of living space out there and create the warmest atmosphere during the cold winter months is almost impossible. The reality is that heating a residence can prove to be quite expensive because of rising fuel costs so looking for a sustainable alternative becomes the most viable option in such a situation. Of course, some people might think about installing a fireplace but the truth is that it represents a mistake because its design leads to heat loss, thus reducing efficiency. Furthermore, more and more people are embracing the green trend these days due to the concerning effects of pollution and other causes slowly destroying the environment so modern wood burning stoves are ideal because they require a renewable fuel source.

Material and size: identify benefits and take measurements

Keeping in mind all the important details mentioned above, many people thinking about purchasing such a product might wonder: how do I choose the right modern wood stove for my home? If you are one of those people, do not worry because in this article you will find five tips that will help you complete the selection process successfully. You need to consider the following factors: material, size, additional features, style and efficiency. Starting with the material, you will have to choose between steel, cast iron, soapstone or even a blend of all these. Steel comes with superior heating performance, cast iron represents a popular choice due to the perfected creation process and soapstone, which is softer, makes the modern wood stove a decorative item for the living space, not just a heating source. Since each material has its benefits, it is up to you to select the most suitable one for your specific needs. Moving on to size, you have to measure the space available for the installation and decide if you afford to opt for a small, medium or large product.

Features, style and efficiency: consider your budget

With convenience and aesthetics at the forefront, manufacturers add common features like ash pans, log orientation, fan systems and pedestals to modern wood stoves. If you want to ensure proper heat distribution, then you have to make sure that your stove has a fan system. Moreover, north-south loading is the best choice for winter heating while east-west loading cannot hold as many logs because they might roll against the door. When it comes to style, you have to take into consideration the interior décor of your home because on the market you will definitely find from rustic to modern products. Contemporary wood stoves do represent a more popular choice. Finally, yet importantly, you cannot overlook efficiency because it determines the amount of money you are going to invest monthly in the heating of your home. Obviously, if you want to cut down on costs, you should go with a highly-efficient stove.