Avoid making these mistakes when moving your house


Moving all the items you have in your present home to a new one is stressful, and it requires a lot of attention, because you might end up losing some valuable belongings or damaging them. Many homeowners state that some of their furniture items, or kitchen appliances were damaged in the moving process, but you do not have to face this situation, because you have the possibility to collaborate with a professional firm that provides removals to Switzerland, and they would offer you all the help you need. They offer you two possibilities, to allow them handle the entire moving process, and this includes packing your things, or to contract them only for transporting your items. The choice is up to you, but if you go with the second option, you should try to avoid the following mistakes.

Packing items you do not need anymore

You should do a selection of the items that you have in your house before starting to place them in boxes, because you would not need some of them in your new house. Make a list with the most important items you would need, and do not forget to double check, because you might miss some of them.

Not making an essentials box

This box does not have this name for nothing, you should place in it the most important things. Think about the items you are using on a daily basis and place them there, because you would need them when arriving in your new house. These things should be used in case of an emergency or if you are not in the mood to unpack the other boxes. Also you should consider the season when packing them, because if you are moving in the winter some coffee mugs would prove to be perfect in your new cold kitchen.

Moving on a Friday

Unless you have to move from the old house ASAP, it is not advisable to move in a Friday. You might consider tempting to move in this day of the week, because you would think that you would have the weekend to arrange your belongings, but you would struggle a lot with traffic jams and availability. And in case you encounter an inconvenient in your new house, and you need to solve it, you would not be able until Monday, and in this case the weekend would seem to you the longest time you ever had to wait.