Banish white: turn that blank wall into a dramatic focal point


Considered a positive hue, white represents perfection itself. According to psychologists, the meaning behind this totally reflective color is very deep thus being associated with innocence, purity, completion and creativity. If you think about it, a white wall represents a blank canvas that gives you numerous possibilities – the possibility to start again is the most exciting. Many people choose this color for their home décor because apart from enabling fresh beginnings, it promotes mental clarity and it evokes purification of thoughts, it encourages cleanliness and removal of obstacles. Indeed, this color exudes elegance and class, but the truth is that you see it everywhere, particularly in schools and hospitals. Taking into account that the majority of homeowners, including you, choose white for the exterior of their residence, why would you go with the same hue for the interior space as well? It practically kills the interest a person could display when entering the front door and exploring your personal living space for the first time.

Would you dare to install mural wallpaper?

Of course, you do not have to paint all the walls in every single room to make sure that all guests notice your alterations. However, you can select a blank wall in the living room and transform it into the main focal point of the entire house. The process is more than simple, but it includes various options meaning that you have the hard mission of deciding what style suits you the most or matches the overall interior décor. More specifically, you can play with colors, textures, collectibles, DIY decorative elements and artwork or just opt for mural wallpaper. The last option adds the much-desired dramatic feel to the enormous wall and it is perfect if your living room has a high ceiling. You have to be daring in order to install huge mural wallpaper in your home, but at least the process is quite fast and easy to complete. You have the freedom to contact and hire an expert if you are afraid of tackling this task it alone or if you realize that you will not be able to complete it successfully.

Make it personal: reveal collectibles and inherited antique items

If you want to add more personality not only to that specific wall but to the whole living room, you should consider displaying more personal items with emotional value, such as family photographs, your high school diploma, your children’s awards or even those antique items that you inherited from your loving grandmother. You can easily hang some of them or you can DIY several shelves that will provide the necessary support for all your precious collectibles or other decorative pieces that you already own, but you kept stored, away from people’s eyes. When it comes to placement, you can just wing it. Trust your instinct and you will definitely manage to create not only a dramatic but also an inspiring focal point that could also represent a piece of your life. Thus, guests can get to know you better.