Best family busines ideas for 2020


How do you find the idea of working with your family? You probably are competitive with one another, and you’ve always went your own way with your career and work. When pursuing a career, people often neglect to spend quality time with their family. But what if you could combine working together with spending time with your family?

It can be the start of a family dynasty, a legacy you could create for your children.

However, when starting a family business, you meet three challenges: you need capital, you need to invest time in growing the venture, and you have to preserve relationships. This means that you’ll have to use your savings to fuel the business, and ask each family member to use their free time to work for growing the company. But before deciding who holds what role, you must find a family business idea that works for all of you.

Cleaning services

When you must work with limited capital, a cleaning services business may be the best idea because with a few supplies and business cards you can entry the business. You’ll have to decide if you prefer to work with residential or commercial clients. Residential cleaning comes with fewer restrictions and lower overhead, but it may be difficult to earn people’s trust because you’re entering their houses.

No matter what type of services you provide, hire a company specialised in Regnskapstjenester to check your registers and make your business doesn’t face financial issues.


If one of your family members is a master at cooking or baking, then look no further for business ideas. This is the perfect opportunity to start a family business. And if your family doesn’t cook you can hire a third party to prepare the dishes and you can handle the catering part of the business. Catering is more than your ability to cook tasty dishes. A great catering service develops a taste profile for clients. Check with a Regnskapskontor Oslo the costs of starting a catering venture.


You only need a photographer in your family circle to start this business. A photography business comes with many opportunities, and all the other members can contribute. You’ll need to invest in buying equipment and promote your business. Photography business set rates based on the quality of the services they provide, so it’s best to invest in building a reputation. Collaborate with an Enkel regnskapsføring to make sure you afford all the investments.

It’s easy to spread the word about your business when working in the photography industry because the word-of-mouth is still strong and people hire based on recommendations.

Your company can sprout in various directions, from corporate, to events, weddings and street art.       

Pet walking

If you love animals, you can start this business as a start gig. If you have a safe house with a large yard you can even offer pet sitting services because pet owners often look for someone to watch for their fur friends when they’re away from home. When working from home, this business is a pretty great idea because you can earn some extra cash.