Chic Bakery Kitchen Decor


Does your home frequently smell like a bakery? Are you constantly experimenting with the bread maker, trying out new delicious recipes? Are you looking for a change in the kitchen, one that will truly represent how great of a baker you are? Then express your baking skills through the decor in your kitchen. If you’re interested in a kitchen makeover, read the following lines to get some great chic bakery kitchen decor ideas.

Pink and blue

For the kitchen to give off a sweet bakery vibe from the moment you enter it, you have to make it look warm, happy, and welcoming. Have everything in the kitchen in a combination between light pink and blue. Your kitchen will look like a bakery cake if you make this decor change. It’s a very friendly and inviting combination that will give you the needed boost to bake your favorite sweets every time you enter the kitchen.

Appliance placement ideas

Your kitchen appliances can be decorative pieces themselves if you make sure to place them the right way. Display only the appliances that actually show the fact that it’s a baker’s kitchen. Also, even if it may sound like a little too much, try to buy the kitchen appliances in light pink or blue to fit perfectly with the rest of the decor. For example, a great kitchen appliance that you have to show off if you go with this decor is the bread maker, the perfect tool for making delicious banana bread. If you buy a cute pink bread maker it will fit the design of the kitchen and it will show your guests how involved you are in baking. Go to BreadMachineMom if you want to find a bread machine that is both efficient and stylish. There you will find valuable information that will help you choose the best bread maker.

Wall decorations

If one of your kitchen’s walls is empty and you don’t like it, you can solve the problem easily with the right decorations. You can put up cute pink or blue signs that spell different quotes or words. You can even put motivational quotes that will make you push yourself to achieve perfection when you’re in the kitchen. After all, the reason why you care so much about the way your kitchen looks is because you like spending time in it. Make that time as pleasant as possible to make great tasting foods all the time.

Cute flowers

You don’t have to crowd your cute and chic bakery kitchen decor with flowers, but they are still an important piece of the puzzle. On the kitchen island and wherever you find a free space, place containers with colored flowers. If you really want to compliment the decor of the kitchen perfectly, go with pink and white flowers. The flowers won’t only be a great decorative addition, but they will help maintain the air clean as well.