Cold climates and basement insulation – Things to consider


Living in colder areas might put your bills under some stress. Heating can cost a family plenty of money and if you can’t manage to efficiently maintain your indoor temperature, you might spend money unnecessarily. Insulating your home is a big element to a comfortable and inexpensive home. However, many tend to forget about their home’s basement when insulating, and it will remain the key for heat loss. Because it covers all of your house’s area, heat will be lost from every room downstairs. Especially if you live in colder climates, you certainly must insulate your home’s basement. If you are interested in basement insulation in Hamilton, there are some places you can find such services. However, below are some things you should know about basement insulating systems.

1. Your basement is losing too much heat

The foundation and walls are guilty for the biggest parts of your heat being lost from the environment you are trying to maintain. If your feet get cold while staying downstairs, it is because of your not insulated basement. Brick and concrete are building materials that don’t have insulating properties, as well as rubble. If you want to prevent the biggest part of the heat loss process to take place, our advice would be to also insulate your basement.

2. Prevent moisture in your basement

Nowadays basements are not just some dark storage rooms, they are a way of living. Playrooms and home cinemas have taken the place of laundry rooms and many tend to spend a lot of time in their basements. Of course, nobody wants to spend time in a humid a mouldy room, just like nobody really wants to develop allergies and asthma caused by mould. Not only are they a serious health condition, but they are also expensive to treat. If you want to maintain a dry home and a healthy family, most certainly you should invest in a good insulating system for your basement as well.

3. Spray foam insulation for hard to reach areas

Most basements have spots and areas that are harder to reach. If you hire a professional company, they will be able to insulate your entire basement properly. Spray foam insulation is the best solution for not so accessible areas, because of its chemical properties. Initially as a liquid, in contact with air, it expands and fills any cracks and tricky spots. It can be used over any construction material, and it successfully fills in the space between windows or door frames and walls.

Especially in colder climates, it is essential for families to invest in a good insulating system for their basements. Concrete, brick and rubble are non-insulating materials and when the heat exchange happens, it starts with your basement. Humidity is another issue with basements and to prevent it from forming you must insulate your basement. Try to work with professionals for this purpose and the results will be accordingly to your needs.