Creative card-making ideas for DIY enthusiasts  


Handmade cards will be always more appreciated than those bought at a local shop or supermarket. If you always allocate enough time to create the perfect gifts for your friends’ birthdays, then a handmade card is an unreplaceable element of any perfect present. For those who enjoy DIY projects, card making can be a fun and entertaining activity. If you have the right supplies at your disposal, you can create some unique and spectacular cards without much effort. Here are a few easy and creative card-making ideas that you will certainly love:

Cards for nature lovers

If one of your friends loves flowers and all that has to do with nature, then you can come up with an idea perfect for their taste. Choose some colourful patterned paper out of your cards stock, and make some original combinations. Add some pressed flowers to give the card of touch of realism. To attach the flowers use some drops of dry glue. Create the illusion of grass with green textured paper and write a meaningful message with a marker in the colour of your choice. The results will certainly be spectacular ones.

Encouraging cards

This type of cards are extremely easy to create. Buy some phrase stickers with words such as: smile, love, dance, laugh. Take a piece of white card paper, fold it in half, and add the sticker to one side, creating a coordinated design. You can add more decorative accents if you want, such as a small paper flower. With a few supplies, you will create the most beautiful encouraging card.

Cards for kids

Children love cards, and the more colourful a card is the more appreciated it will be. Design small animals, flowers or balloons using card paper, buttons, coil wire and ribbon. Look for more inspiration online, and with a few craft supplies at your disposal, both you and the receiver will love the end-results.

Use your imagination

When it comes to card making, there are many great ideas you can make. Regardless of the special occasion, you are making the card for, leave your imagination running. You can use small items that you have a around your house, such as buttons or safety pins. Take a piece of paper out of your card stock, decorated with other small straps of paper, creating an abstract pattern, and design a flower by adding safety pins around a yellow button. This project is easy and yet the results are spectacular.

As you can see, with a little bit of imagination, determination and some qualitative supplies, you can create cards that are far more beautiful than those found at the supermarket. As a DIY enthusiast, this type of project will be entertaining and relaxing. Surprise your friends, family and loved one with some unique and creative homemade cards. Start looking online for a reputable supplier that can put at your disposal an extensive range of supplies. Make a list of the essential supplies for your card-making projects, and start creating.