Discover the benefits of climate-controlled storage



The majority of people choose basic self-storage because it represents a secure and cost-effective method of temporary depositing various household and business items when they simply do not benefit from the necessary space or they simply decide to move, downsize or take a break from everyday responsibilities and hardships and travel the world. The reason for renting a public unit matters the least, every person has different problems or experiences. However, the selection of an adequate unit is very important, especially when depositing sensitive possessions with great emotional or material value.  At this point, the need for a climate-controlled facility becomes fundamental because basic self-storage cannot ensure their longevity and durability. Yes, this option might require additional costs but it provides excellent benefits because it controls the temperature and humidity throughout the entire year, thus offering peace of mind that all the items are safe even in harsh weather conditions.

Great air quality

When exploring storage units Colorado Springs, air quality is probably the least concern. Nevertheless, a climate-controlled facility provides better-sealed units that constantly circulate the air. This means that you will not have to visit the storage unit regularly with the purpose of opening it and letting fresh air inside. For people who intend to leave the city or even the country for an undetermined period, this represents the ideal choice. In addition, for those people who wish to deposit important documents or sensitive electronics, air quality should become their number one priority when selecting a storage unit.

Extreme temperature protection

In certain regions, temperatures can be extremely harsh in both summer and winter. People who are aware of the drastic weather changes, more exactly below freezing and above 100 degrees temperatures, should take the necessary measures and make the right decision in order to protect their valuable items. Antiques, wooden furniture, special collections, artwork and musical instruments can suffer from irreversible damages. Climate-controlled units maintain a consistent temperature, regardless of the season.

Humidity control

Weather changes also cause humidity changes, of course. Fortunately, climate-controlled storage units remove excess moisture and keep the base humidity about 50%. This feature will prove to be helpful and beneficial for antique furniture, which may rot or crack when the moisture in the air becomes unbearable. Basic units, on the other hand, remain damp, which often leads to mildew growth. If you expose any type of item at that environment it does not matter the size, age or material, it will smell terribly.

Keeps debris and rodents away

Because they are usually located inside buildings, climate controlled-units have excellent sealing and insulation. Consequently, it is impossible for insects and rodents to penetrate and freely build a home in your possessions. In addition, dirt and minor flooding are less likely to destroy the valuable items deposited in the unit. The last benefit refers to dust and debris, which represent a nuisance for everyone, especially dust, which appears from nowhere and sets on everything. With a climate-controlled storage unit, you will never worry about this aspect because you will find your belongings in impeccable state.