Disney – Epic Battles of Good Versus Evil


Disney has a magic all of its own, it has the ability to draw you in and enchant you with stories of faraway lands, brave heroes, plucky princesses and of course a liberal sprinkle of wickedness! Let’s face it, Disney wouldn’t be Disney without an epic battle of sorts where good versus evil (we might know the outcome but that doesn’t make it any less fun)! Prepare to boo and hiss at the baddies and cheer on the goodies as we take you on a whistle-stop tour of some of Disney’s epic battles.

Alice Versus the Queen of Hearts

In one corner you have Alice, inquisitive by nature, and kind-hearted, she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime after falling down a rabbit hold and finding herself in Wonderland. In the other corner you have the Queen of Hearts, a ruthless and merciless tyrant who strikes fear into the hearts of those living in the kingdom. She has a penchant for removing heads and is not a woman to be meddled with! Alice remains steadfast in her ability to show remarkable strength of character in adversity and resolves not to succumb to the Queens hateful campaign, even when she demands that Alice’s own head be removed!

Fantasia Brooms Versus Sorcerer Mickey Mouse

A classic tale reminding us all why we shouldn’t try and cut corners! Mickey is the sorcerer’s apprentice who tires of his chores and decides to use magic to ease his workload. Predictably it doesn’t go to plan! Mickey transforms a household broom into a magical one that’s able to fetch and carry water to fill the cauldron. Alas Mickey falls asleep and when he awakes he realises that the enchanted broom is still busy and the cauldron is now overflowing. Mickey panics and chops the broom in two, unfortunately this results in two enchanted brooms fetching and carrying water. Chaos reigns until the sorcerer himself appears and puts a stop to the hullabaloo, and Mickey learns that sometimes you just have to do your own chores!

Snow White Versus the Evil Queen

The beautiful princess, born with a kind heart and a caring soul faces the wrath of the jealous queen, who will not tolerate the thought of a fairer maiden in her land. The story takes us on a roller-coaster journey, the worry as the huntsman leads Snow White deep into the woods to execute her, the relief when he finds it in his heart to set her free, and the joy as she meets seven dwarfs who each have their own curious personalities. We are then thrown once more into dismay as the Evil Queen realises that Snow White is alive and hatches an evil plot to poison her with a rosy red apple – don’t eat it Snow White! We shed a tear as she lies in her glass coffin, but rejoice when a handsome Prince comes riding to the rescue, awakening our heroine with a kiss that dislodges the poisonous piece of fruit. This is old school Disney at its best, and although the battle is a little one-sided we’re still pleased that Snow White eventually comes off better!

Sleeping Beauty Versus Maleficent

Another tale of jealousy and spite, but we have seen a newer version of late that depicts Maleficent in a more flattering light. Rewind back to the original and we find a rather angry Maleficent casting a spell that will result in the death of Sleeping Beauty (by pricking her finger on a spindle). Kindly fairies rush to the rescue, they cannot break the spell, but are able to soften it by changing it from death to a deep sleep that will last for one hundred years (or until Sleeping Beauty is awakened by love’s first kiss). The castle becomes covered in weeds, slowing the progress of any have-a-go heroes that happen to be riding by, but eventually (and fairly predictably) a charming Prince arrives. Sleeping Beauty wakes up and all’s well that ends well.

A Happy Ending

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