DIY Rustic Decorations


The rustic style is perfect for those attracted by the simplicity and natural beauty of the items used in creating it. However, being simple doesn’t make the rustic style plain and boring as it includes many interesting details. Some of these details are the wonderful decorations that can be easily made at home using natural and common materials and fabrics. If the rustic style seems appealing to you, here are some DIY decorations you can make at home.

    • This lamp is a gorgeous makeover inspired by the rustic style that includes natural fibers such as this thick rope. Any old an even broken lamp can be turned into a wonderful rustic lamp so the investment will be minimum. Grab the old lamp and apply glue on the base then wrap the rope around it as seen in this picture. For a matching lampshade, use any type of fabric you think is appropriate. It can be wicker, raffia, jute, sackcloth, anything you have within reach will work.
    • When you will see these pears and how easily you can make them yourself, you will definitely want to have them at home. Besides being extremely pretty, these pears are a great way of recycling useless light bulbs, so the advantages will be doubled. All you will need is glue, some bulbs, a little stem and some twine. Cover the bulbs in glue, wrap the twine around them and glue the steam in place. These rustic pears will look awesome in a wicker fruit basket.
    • This gorgeous vase is beautiful as it is easy to make, so you should write it in your DIY project list. You will only need an empty bottle, an empty jar, some twine, a piece of wood and glue to put everything together. Wrap the bottle in twine from top to bottom and only wrap the jar halfway. Attach both the bottle and the jar to a piece of wood and fill them with delicate garden roses.
  • For this decoration, you will need some dried grapevine that you have to cut in small pieces and arrange in the shape of a heart. Tie each heart with thin wire to keep it in place and create as many hearts as you need, then attach them to one another to create a delicate garland. Decorate it with fabric roses in a pastel color. You can hang the garland in any room of your house or you can use it ads a wedding decoration.