Does your small business need an accountant? Tips to hire the right one


The moment to hire a professional accountant is here. You had a hard time to deal with bookkeeping and you think it would be better if an expert would run your business finances. But where do you find someone you can trust and who has the needed skills to help you manage your organisation. You want to make sure the one you hire is legit and they don’t mess up your business.

The following tips should help you find your ideal accountant.


Is the location important?

10 years ago, you had to hire a local accountant to manage your business finances, but nowadays accountants work remotely. Thanks to the cloud they no longer have to visit your office. You can collaborate with an accountant from another town or even from another country if they know the local regulations and laws. Services like Regnskapskontor Oslo are quite valuable for a small business, so ensure the specialists you hire has experience in using modern technology and tools.  

If you prefer face-to-face communication you should look for a local expert who is available for in-person meetings.

Do they have experience?

All industries have specific quirks when it comes to finances and you must ensure your accounting professional is specialised in your industry. It’s advisable to limit your search to candidates who served the industry before and worked with companies that have a similar profile. Check if they provide services like Enkel regnskapsføring because they are crucial for the success of any company.

Check their previous clients, their company size, and revenues to understand who your potential accountant serves. It’s advisable to hire someone who previously worked for companies slightly bigger than yours because they can help you grow.      

Consult your network

Chances are, someone you know is already working with a great accountant, so if you ask around, they can recommend you an expert. Ask your business partners, friends, family, and even media followers. Browse the Internet for companies that provide Regnskapstjenester Oslo, get advice from the chamber of commerce and even from local business organisations.

However, keep in mind that the accountant who serves great the business next door might not also serve your interests. Determine what your needs are before looking for someone.

Insist on savings and efficiencies

The ideal accountant keeps your books current and completes tax returns because their role is to run your company effectively. They need to work closely with your business to see your cash flow from end to end, and identify the areas where you are spending too much.

They help you save money by negotiating tax codes and applying laws in real-world cases. It’s important to hire someone who can save you money while complying with the law.

They help your business grow

The right accountant for your organisation is proactive because they want to help you succeed. They will alert you when you’re about to face potential issues and they recommend you when it’s smart to hire employees and when to outsource.