Dos and don’ts about indoor air quality


Have you ever thought how important the quality of your indoor air is? Well, if you did not, it is highly recommended for you to start being concerned about this fact because it can affect you more than you think. And if you do not believe, here they are the most important aspects related to the indoor air quality, written on a list with dos and don’ts. And in order to feel safe, you have to respect all of them.

Dos – for a good indoor air quality

Firstly, why do we mean by indoor air? Well, we do not refer only to the air from your room, but also to the air from your office. Do to the fact that you have to spend at least four hours at your working place, it is important to benefit from the best conditions. It is true that usually the employer has the duty to offer you such good conditions, but when it comes to air quality, we think that it is a problem that you can handle yourself.

Therefore, in order to do that, you have to appeal to a company that offers testing services for indoor air. This company is formed by experts who have the role to offer you the best pieces of advice in order to get rid of those things that affect the air from your room or office. Moreover, if you are the owner of a business such as a restaurant or a dancing club, which is daily visited by dozens of people, you should definitely ask for the services of such business. And if you live in Toronto or a place which is close to this city, try Safe Air Canada. It is a company which comes with experience in this domain and it is able to help you with all of your problems, including mould.

Moreover, try to open the window every morning when you get out of bed or when you arrive at your office, in order to let some fresh air in. But, be careful because if you live in an area where the pollution level is very high, you should try to avoid this thing and invest in a good ventilation system.

Do not do these things!

Do not try to cover the bad smell from the room with a freshener spray, especially if the freshener has a very low quality.

Do not forget to get rid of dust, at least once in two weeks. Believe or not, doing the cleaning is one of the most important aspects and even if you have a busy life, you should be able to make some time and do that. For example, you can ask your children to help you or you can hire a professional company which is able to provide good services. If you do not know any, try to ask your friends for recommendations or to look on the Internet.

Do not forget to invest in a kitchen hood because sometimes the air quality can be affected by the smell which comes from the food that you cook.