Essential aspects to consider when organizing an event in a marquee


Organising an event is an overwhelming task, no matter its type, because there are different aspects to handle, and you might not receive any help. No matter the type of event you organise, you have to find a venue, hire a catering company, and consider guests’ preferences. But if you have to plan the event on a budget, you have the possibility to collaborate with a provider as Cameo Event Hire, which not only that would provide you the marquee for your event, but it also offers catering services. If this is the first time you are organising this type of event, then it is advisable to take a look at the following aspects, because they are essential when organising any type of event which is taking place in a marquee.

The location of the marquee

When choosing a marque as the place where to organise an event, you have the possibility to choose whatever place from the town you might want to install it. You only have to ask the provider about the size of the marquee, and choose a place that is big enough for allowing you the install the marquee there. In this way, the guests would be able to stay both indoor and outdoor at the same event. The advantage of renting a marquee is that in case it might rain in the day of your event, the guests would not experience any troubles, because they would not be affected by the weather.

Opt for complete catering services

It is advisable to hire a marquee from a company that is able to provide complete catering services, and furniture for decorating it, because in this way you would find easier to organise the event. You would only have to discuss with the representatives of the company, and share them the details of your event, and the budget, and they would suggest you a customised menu, and drinks. In addition, if you are able to tell them from the start the number of people who would attend to the event they would know which marquee size is suitable for being used.

Make time to choose the decorations

The decorations are an important aspect when it comes to organising an event in a marquee because they bring the space to life. Depending on the type of event you are organising, you would have to place flowers on the tables, choose the lighting system, and opt for a special type of furniture. The provider could offer you all these decorations or you can purchase them from a different supplier.