Family finances- money saving tips for families


Saving money while raising a family is no small feat as according to new studies, the costs of raising a child has increased by nearly 40% in the last 10 years. Parents have a multitude of costs to take into consideration such as clothing, food, shelter, education, and many more aspects of raising a child. Apart from the everyday living costs, most parents are also struggling with costs such as a mortgage, car payment, medical bills, and utilities so it’s easy to see how their bank account is often dry at the end of the month. Children make parents become more careful with their money management because family expenses and future education costs require them to start putting some money aside. Check out these money-saving tips for families:

Organize your grocery shopping

One of the greatest downfalls of every family is the sky-high grocery bills week by week. The more organized you are when you go grocery shopping, the more money you can save by not purchasing items that you do not necessarily need.  you can add some structure into your family’s eating habits and plan every meal to save money on family expenses. It is recommended to only shop once and get everything that you need in one trip to the grocery store so that you avoid heading back to the store and repeatedly overspend all week long.

Plan ahead for the family vacations

Family vacations usually imply huge costs for accommodation, travel tickets, food, souvenirs, and much more. Yet, it would be a pity to miss the moments of traveling together as a family just because money is tight. By planning your trips earlier and making monthly smaller payments is definitely a better idea than to pay for everything once. This way you will not create a hole in your family budget and you can all enjoy traveling together.

Teach your kids the real value of money

It is normal for every parent to want to give their children everything that they wish for. However, when you have a low income and struggle with finances, you may find it hard to buy every toy and candy that your child is asking for. You will find it surprising that kids can be more understanding than you have imagined when it comes to helping their parents. If you teach your kids the real value of money, you will avoid later visits to the grocery stores when they will ask you to buy a multitude of things. Plus, it is a great way to help your child develop their financial management skills.

Seek professional help

Not everybody is a pro at managing personal finances. It may be difficult to understand your financial position and spending habits. Yet, if you ask for professional financial help such as the one you will find if you visit vsma, you will understand your financial pressures, priorities, and long-term goals better and you will be helped to design a customized financial plan to achieve them.

Saving money with and for your family doesn’t have to require drastic steps. If you establish healthy financial habits that all your family members respect, little by little your family budget will improve and you will be able to save more padding to your savings account.