Family reunion: stress-free planning for a memorable gathering


Despite the advanced means of communication available today, keeping in touch with your distant relatives still represents a difficult mission to complete. You miss those positive relationships based on communication, trust and love. More importantly, you miss that sense of belonging. For this reason, you have been thinking for quite some time about organizing a memorable gathering. In fact, numerous ideas related to the activities you plan to spend together have been running through your head. From exciting competitions, outdoor movie night and heritage games to dance party and DIY photo booth, the hours spent with your loves ones will give you the chance to create unforgettable memories that you will always keep close to your heart. We do not want to ruin your obviously great expectations, but you have to be aware that such a big family reunion requires planning in advance and coordinating a multitude of details.

Start the planning in advance for an unforgettable gathering

Before you even get the chance to organize a family croquet tournament or print a family cookbook, you have to cover the basics. We are referring to selecting the date and the venue, especially if you intend to organize a dance party, decide if you grasp the nettle and cook all the food alone or if you spare yourself and hire caterers, such as these Wakefield caterers, contact the relatives you intend to invite to the gathering, choose a theme for the event, establish a decent budget and seek help if you consider that you cannot handle all the steps on your own. Of course, during the process you have to take into account the size and diversity of your family. For instance, when you choose the activities, keep in mind that you are dealing with completely different generations that have different preferences. A book club might seem a great idea for elders, but adolescents need something more challenging, something that will captivate and maintain their interest like an amazing race. Make sure that your distant relatives will have stories to tell when returning back home. We advise you to start the planning process with approximately a year or at least six months before the actual gathering.

A short family reunion planning checklist

In fact, we are going to help you by creating a family reunion planning checklist; it will facilitate the mission significantly, not to mention that it will impede you from forgetting important details along the way. Start by contacting the relatives and expressing the wish of meeting. Depending on the number of positive answers and the time when they can travel, you can start following the steps mentioned above. Consider joining forces with other members of the family who show enthusiasm regarding to the reunion. Together, you can plan a menu, choose the suitable type of entertainment and eye-catching decorations, record the event and research facilities. You can move on to sending the invitations with a few months before the gathering; just make sure that you include a phone number and an e-mail address where they can respond.