Guide to teach your kids to be green


Everywhere you go you hear people that they decided to go green, and even it may seem a repetitive idea, it is a good one. People hope that their efforts to save the planet are not too late, because the great damage was already done, and all we can do is to hope that the planet has the needed strength to regain its forces, with a little help from our part. But you cannot hope to transform the world into a better place only if you work for the change. It is important to teach your entire family about the damage humans brought to the planet. It is crucial to teach your children how they can live a green life. They have to understand that they are the ones that will live on the planet they pollute.

They have to understand the importance of recycling

For children to understand why it is important to recycle, they have to know where the things we use come from. If they know that trees are the main resource for paper, they will do their best to recycle paper in order to stop deforestation. They have to understand that the garbage goes to places where it is not sorted and in the majority of cases it pollutes the surrounding areas. People may not even be aware that the garbage deposit located close to their town is the one that pollutes the air, land and water. Teach them that plastic, glass, paper and metal can be used again, so they should recycle them, and not throw to garbage the items made from these materials.

Offer them examples

Children learn better if they have examples, so if you show them how they can have a green life they will follow your example. For example, you can show them videos on the effects plastic bags have on the environment. Then take them with you to buy groceries and show them that you take a reusable bag with you, in order to cut down the number of plastic bags used. For making the process fun for them, ask them to choose the model of the bag from a website like Custom Earth Promos.

Help them become volunteers

If you want your children to become environmental activists when they will grow, then you should help them become volunteers from an early age. You can take them with you when you are volunteering for local organisations, no matter what actions the activities may include. For example you can take them to an activity where volunteers clean the park from trash. This is a great opportunity to explain to them that many people throw trash and they do not know what the effects will be if they do not clean it.

Help them grow their own garden

If you want your children to love nature more, then you should offer them the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. They can grow a little garden in the back of your house, teach them how they can grow plants, and they will love to spend time there. They will check the garden daily to see if there are new plants and they will learn a lesson when doing this.