Hair ribbons are trendy again


The usage of ribbons as hair accessories dates with many centuries ago when people from the aristocracy, men and women, used them to decorate the wigs that high-class society was wearing and often they would also apply pearls or feathers on the ribbon. It was seen as a fashion trend which was bringing a lot of elegance and extravagance to their looks. Yet, in time, hair bow grosgrain ribbon lost their meaning as an elegant hair accessory for high-class society and were used mainly to create young girls’ hairstyles.

However, nowadays ribbons are a contemporary trend again, coming with a multitude of colors and sizes, and that is exactly how it should be because hair ribbons are the best hair accessory a girl can use. If you are afraid that you need to be a toddler to wear hair bows, you can use a silky ribbon and look like an elegant grownup. Besides the fact that they are very easy to apply in your hair no matter which hairstyle you have, it also gives your look a certain type of delicacy and elegance. Regardless if it is a runway and red-carpet event, more and more celebrities choose to complete their outfit with a colorful ribbon in their hair. They love to use hair ribbons for any type of hairstyles such as ponytails, buns or updos and it definitely results in a sophisticated feminine look perfect for the spotlights.

  • Audrey Hepburn is one of the most famous celebrities that can be associated with white silky hair ribbons used for elegant hairstyles.
  • Catherine Devenue is a hair icon when it comes to hair ribbons, she was using the same type of hairstyle at every event she was attending.
  • Zooey Deschanel is one of the contemporary celebrities that is promoting this trend considerably, she is always choosing colorful hair bows of different sizes and she is looking amazing.
  • Millie Bobby Brown had a spectacular appearance at the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 22, 2018, when she was wearing a double bun hairstyle completed with 2 black satin ribbons that looked incredibly cute.

·         The famous model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is also one of the Hollywood’s celebrities that is using ribbons for her hairstyles. She is constantly integrating a silky dark colored ribbon in her loose side bride and it makes her look impeccable.


Since the celebrities are the best example to follow when it comes to the latest trends when it comes to fashion, more and more women choose to wear again hair ribbons for everyday hairstyles. They as also using the personalized ribbons created by the most famous clothing lines such as Channel. Dior or Gucci as headbands in a very fashionable style.

Fashion trends are constantly changing and it looks like it is always going in a circle. Old trends are always making a comeback in the new generations that get inspired from the past and there is no need to feel nostalgy, just have fun trying all of them in every possible way and see which one suits you better.