Help your carpet last more – Clean it properly


Even if you do your best to keep your carpet clean, there are times when the rug is the victim of accidents, as spills and drops. And if you receive visits from your friends, you should not be surprised to see them walking in with their shoes on. Every homeowner wants to have clean carpets inside, but it is more important to make them last a long period, because rugs tend to be quite expensive, and they do not afford to make this investment every year. If you want to maintain your carpets into a good state, then you should learn how to care them from professionals. You have the option to ask professionals come and take them twice a year to clean them, but you can also do it on your own. Moreover, if you clean and care them regularly, you will keep them in proper state for many years.

You should not rub stains

If you want to remove carpet stains you should make sure that you do it properly. It is not advisable to rub them, because you can damage the fibres of the rug. You should use paper towels or a clean cloth and a professional cleaning solution to dab the stains. If you blot the carpet, then you will put a small amount of pressure on the fibres. If you will rub the stains, you will make the particles of dirt to get into the carpet and in time, the fibres will be damaged.

You should dust before you vacuum

It is important to do the actions in this order, because in this way you effectively remove the dirt and dust from your home. If you do not remove the dust from the furniture items, before you vacuum, you will reintroduce a layer of dirt onto the fibres. And until you vacuum the next time, it has time to settle.

Adjust the height setting of the vacuum

In case you have purchased a vacuum that allows you to adjust the height, then you should make sure to adapt it to the type of fibre of the carpet. Also, you will have to adjust it when you move from the carpet to the floor and backwards, because it is important to clean it accordingly, if you want to maintain the quality of the fibres. There are vacuums available on the market that change this setting automatically, so you should check this option when you buy a new one.

Vacuum in different directions

The majority of people make one pass over the carpets, and then they move to the next rug. But if you vacuum only in one direction, then you will leave dust and dirt behind. So, it is recommended to vacuum in both directions, because in this way, you ensure that you get as much dirt from the rug as possible. And if you want to maintain it clean for a longer period, you should implement a no shoes rule in the house. You should not bring on the carpet all the residues you get on them from the street.