Home design: how to create a traditional style living room


If you have an old soul and you look for comfort and warmth every time you walk into a home, then you should definitely consider infusing the traditional style at least in one of your rooms. Even though the placement of elements seems quite predictable, it exudes familiarity and elegance at the same time. If you think about it, the traditional style reminds of the past, but it remained a popular choice among homeowners until the present day. During the living room décor project, keep in mind an important factor, namely balance. Whether we are talking about architecture or the positioning of furniture pieces, the main objective is to create a harmonious balance. Since we are talking about furniture, you have to place multiple pieces in groups in order to stimulate the need for conversation. Unfortunately, going for eclectic mixes is not allowed when approaching traditional décor. Of course, if you want to avoid a static feeling, you can easily add a tall mirror.

Opt for shapely curved furniture and neutral tones

When it comes to the traditional style, all you have to do is stay within the limits of elegance. Another characteristic of this unique style refers to soft edges. Adding a couch with plump cushions or an armchair that allows you to just sink in becomes fundamental not only for your relaxation, but also for adhering to everything that traditional design implies. If you decide to change the furniture, look for adorned, shapely curved pieces and intricate wood carvings. No guest will ever come to your house and say that your furniture is bland. In what concerns the color, you should go with neutral tones, but you can also brighten up the space. In fact, you can blend traditional and modern perfectly with the right color palette.

Pay attention to details and include the basic elements of traditional style

Do not hesitate to experiment with accessories, textures and patterns. For instance, you can place strategically PP bows.  Such decorative elements are extremely cheap, yet versatile meaning that you can add them anywhere without worrying that they will ruin the style of the room. Details matter so for mirrors and side tables choose silver and bronze accents. If you want to create a real traditional décor then make sure that your living room includes some basic elements including floral curtains, especially if the space has a tall ceiling, marble mantels, antiques, a crystal chandelier and cane-backed chairs.