Hot décor trends for this Christmas


If you are interested in the hottest décor trends for this Christmas, you are in the right place. A trendy Christmas décor will make your home more welcoming and appealing, a but tasteful and also holiday-spirited. There is an impressive number of décor items and this may be putting many of us in a real dilemma: what is looking tasteful and what is a total waste of money, but also incredibly bad-looking? Keep reading below if you want to familiarise yourself with some of the hottest Christmas décor trends.

Tinsel and treasures

Yes, maybe the most popular décor item is the simple tinsel. And rightfully, because it is incredibly versatile, comes in numerous colours and types, and it has plenty of history behind, the Christmas tinsel appeared in the 17th century in Germany, and it was originally manufactured form thin strips of silver. But silver tarnishes pretty fast, so manufacturers turned their attention to other, more versatile materials. Nonetheless, it is a very popular décor element, and a great style to decorate your tree is by suing multiple strands, in various colours and shapes. Remember, you Christmas tree must be an artificial, white one, for a larger visual impact. Pick shimmery Christmas tree globes and you will certainly have a trendy Christmas tree.

Monochrome Christmas décor

A monochrome Christmas tree may seem a bit too dull, but luckily, you will definitely create an enormous visual impact. Pick your tinsel, globes, Christmas tree toys and socks in the same colour. Popular options are white, silver, and surprisingly, carbon black. We know,  it seems extreme to add black in a Christmas décor, but have you seen a tree decorated in this manner? It looks simply impressive!

Silver and purple Christmas tree

Yet another amazing idea is to pick two colours and decorate your Christmas tree in those exclusively. While many pot for the already-notorious red and green combo, we encourage you to be a bit more daring and opt for a silver and purpose Christmas tree décor. We know for a fact that these colours look amazing together, and you will definitely make an amazing impression to all your guests.

These three suggestions will help you create a unique and tasteful Christmas décor, while maintaining the spirits up. Only imagine your tree with plenty of presents underneath. It will look impressive!