How long do vapor cigarettes last?



Nowadays, vapor cigs are seen as an alternative to regular ones, due to their large variety of benefits. They are usually the best option for those who want to give up smoking, but who are not able to do that immediately. According to specialists from this domain, giving up smoking can be a real difficult challenge, but with the help of vapour cigarettes the process is simpler. But, let’s talk about some general concerns of those who want to use vapour cigarettes for the first time. And one of them is related to how much these cigarettes last.

A very frequent asked question: do vapour cigarettes last?

Yes, they do. And the advantage is that they can help you save money. For example, those who have tried these cigs for the first time claimed that they used to smoke up to one pack of cigarettes each day, a fact that not only put their health in danger, but also used to cost them a lot of money. But now, they enjoy the benefit of smoking a vapour cig, without being afraid that they will have to throw it away. What is more, you will see that at the beginning, you will be tempted to use the vapour cigarette more often, but then, you will reduce the frequency and the cigs will last longer.

For those who are not decided yet whether to try them or not, there are some things that they should know. Firstly, these cigs can have a different lasting period, depending on their battery. This is the reason why you should be careful when you choose them. Secondly, they also depend on the model that you choose. There are some types that need 3 ml of liquid and some which should receive a larger quantity.

And if you what an estimate, you should know that you can use the cigs for 30 minutes, without warring about that they will run out of battery or liquid. And bear in mind the fact that nobody smokes continuously for 30 minutes. This means that you can use your cig up to two days.

Do vapour cigarettes deserve my money?

Yes they do. And despite the lasting period, here they are two other advantages.

Lack of smell. One of the biggest problems when it comes to cigarettes is the bad smell which can last for hours and hours in people’s houses. Moreover, it can affect even the clothes of those who smoke, making you to wash them more often. On the other hand, the bad smell does not affect only the smokers, but also those who have to stay around smokers. But with vapour cigarettes this cannot be seen as a problem anymore. And the best part is that you can choose the flavour (which influences the smell) of your cigarettes: from fruity flavours to menthol, chocolate or vanilla, you can find a wide range of aromas for your cig.

Saving money. As it was mentioned before, you can make important savings when it comes to your budget. And do not worry about the fact that you should charge your vapour cig battery, because it does not consume as many energy as you may think.