How to Automate Your Small Business In 2021


Marketing automation is everywhere in your inbox. And it comes as no surprise why. Across industries, automation has become the key to success: Almost 80 percent of top-performing organizations have used marketing automation for more than three years, according to research. But automation isn’t reserved for big businesses only. Small businesses, too, can incorporate automation in every aspect of the organization: from accounting to closing deals to serving customers to checking routine office tasks off the to-do list.


When day-to-day tasks are automated, small business owners can instead dedicate time to the goals that really matter – like growing the business.

Respond immediately to an email contact request 

When the “contact us” on your business website really means to contact you, then expect to be overwhelmed by the number of emails awaiting your response. And replying days, even weeks later, isn’t an option. Waiting even 30 minutes to make contact reduces your odds of qualifying a lead by 20 times, as compared to calling within five minutes. 

But incorporating automation software will help you respond immediately every time – without even having to think about it. Instead of having to tackle every request in part, you can add a “contact us” form on your website and leave the automation software issue, and reply right away. 


The automation software is the project manager for your sales team – while it helps your staff focus on the most important to-dos, it also keeps track of leads who aren’t yet ready to buy, ensuring progress at every stage of the transport cost allocation and sales journey. 

Not only that, but a software organizes the existing process that sales reps follow to close a deal. When the sales process is clearly defined, sales reps can move leads from one stage to another, ensuring, fakturakontroll consistency and visibility into where each lead needs to move next. 

Besides saving enormous amounts of time, an automation software has another advantage. Sending one email to apply for a job is easy. On the other hand, following the process is easy, too, but you might lose a few applicants along the way – which is fine. But if candidates can’t follow basic directions, they’re probably not the employees you want to hire.  

Assign inbound leads to a sales representative 

Because some people will always skip the “contact us” form and go straight for the phone – a phone chat is the best way to start building a relationship with a potential client. On the other hand, without a method in place for pursuing leads, opportunities can be missed once you hang up.

With 3pl software, you can install an internal form to be used when customers call your mainline. You can enter the client’s contact information, along with any important notes before using a drop-down menu to assign a sales representative to follow up. Your lead will be amazed by your customer service before the sales rep even starts working.