How to calm your anxious pet during vet visits


Do you always struggle with vet visits because your pet gets all anxious and agitated? This won’t be a problem any longer if you know what methods to apply to calm your furry friend down before these visits. Seeing the vet at least twice a year is a condition of keeping your pet healthy, and this can be a tricky thing to do if this trip is filled with obstacles and inconveniences. To make it a pleasurable experience that you, your pet and your vet enjoy, make sure to apply these few tips. They will definitely make the situation better, regardless of how complicated your pet is when it comes to vet visits. See how things go after applying these:

Choose a reliable clinic

The veterinær nittedal that you choose will determine how the whole experience goes. The way the vets behave, the way the space is decorated and all the facilities of the clinics are going to influence how your pet feels. Before making a decision, visit multiple vet clinics and notice the advantages and disadvantages of each. Pay tremendous attention to how friendly the staff is and how they treat the animals. This is the one detail that should help you decide what vet clinic you will visit next. Don’t forget to ask for the service prices, as some vet clinics can get very expensive. Make sure that the clinic is spacious enough to hold pets overnight in case surgery is required.

Don’t show any anxiety yourself

Pets can feel when you are agitated and it is indeed difficult to keep yourself calm when you know how your pet acts when it’s time for a vet visit. Even so, you will need to find ways to hide the fact that you are a little bit scared and anxious for your furry friend yourself. Your anxiety should disappear completely after a few successful vet visits, which means you won’t have to pretend any longer. Until you reach that happy moment, make sure to notice the behavioral changes that make your pet understand the fact that you are in distress. They will get agitated too if they notice the signs. Act normally on your way to the dyrlege nittedal and don’t treat your pet differently than you would when going for a walk. Avoid too much petting or verbally reassuring your pet that everything is fine. You will transmit your anxiety to your pet and things will derive in a negative manner from there.  

Visit the clinic before the actual check-up

Another quick way to calm your pet before a check-up would be having a walk to the dyreklinikk nittedal. When your pet gets accustomed to the clinic’s location and he notices that nothing bad happens when visiting the area, it will be much easier to keep it calm during the actual check-up. It is even better if your pet gets to socialize with other pets present at the clinic. Your furry companion will want to return to communicate with its new friends.