How to Catch Up After Missing Classes


Attending courses is extremely important, especially at the beginning of the semester, where everybody meets everybody. But with everything going on in one’s life, skipping a class or two may be inevitable. When it happens, you might find yourself wondering how can you catch up on that missing information and what can you do to not fall behind? Fortunately, there are a few ways you can catch back up with a little bit of effort.

Talk to Your Professor

No matter the reason you missed class, talking to your professor can benefit you more than you expect. First of all, they will see that you are owning up to what happened and are interested in their course. Most of the time, they will be more than happy to provide you with the material you need. If they can’t give you the information you need, they will most likely be able to recommend some books or material where you can find what you are missing. Come to class a bit early or visit your professor during their office hour and explain the situation. Be honest and explain the situation without making excuses. If it’s possible, let them know beforehand if you are going to miss any more classes and discuss what you can do in these situations. If it’s an emergency, send an email before class to let your professor know you won’t be attending.


Ask Your Classmates

Asking some of your classmates to let you borrow their notes, can be a good way to catch up on the courses you missed. Don’t forget to also ask them if there were any assignments handed out while you were missing. This is one of the situations where making friends in class can get you out of trouble. While some people are very cautious with their notes, others will be more than happy to help someone in need. Sure, asking your classmate, with whom you have only exchanged a few words throughout the whole year to lend you their econ 134 notes can be a bit strange, but the results might surprise you. Return the favor when they need it or find some nice way to repay them and you may even make a new friend.


Join a Study Group

One way to make sure your notes will always be complete is by joining a study group. This way, you can exchange information with your group and make sure you fill in any blanks you might have. Joining a study group can have multiple benefits throughout the year as well, as this can also be a great way to make new friends, improve your learning techniques and avoid procrastinating. Asking another student to explain the courses you missed or you might be struggling with will help you understand the information better than if you were to just transcribe it. But make sure you do the same for your study mates in case they need it, as teamwork is key in any study group.