How to Convert a Closet into a Laundry Room


Small houses must be exploited to their highest so you will manage to capitalize every space you have available. If you have a closet that you use as a storage room for useless stuff, you should stop wasting it and consider turning it into a functional area of your house, like a laundry room. Turning your closet into as laundry room implies some work and investment, but you will eventually have a useful area where you can wash and dry your clothes.

    • Closets are not large so you won’t be able to place many appliances in there, but the dryer and the washing machine are a must. Depending on the shape of your closet, choose matching models that can be either placed one next to the other or one on top of the other. It’s best that you choose units that fit perfectly so no inch is being wasted. Invest in the best appliances that will last for years and will offer you the best results in washing and drying your clothes.
    • If you place the dryer and the washing machine horizontally, turn the space above them into a working counter by installing a board that will serve as a table. Here, you can fold the clothes, store the laundry baskets, or keep your detergents. In case you place the washing machine and the dryer vertically, build a small table near them so you will enjoy working space.
  • The walls are great storage areas that can be capitalized so make sure you take advantage of every wall you have available. Install smart shelves that can hold your detergents or place stylish hooks where you can hold a lost socks bag. Choose adjustable or folding shelves that you can accommodate as you like. Not only the walls but the ceiling can also become storage areas, although it seems hard to believe. You can install hooks to hold your clothes hanger so you can hang items that require self-drying.
  • Your laundry room must include an ironing area so you can iron your clothes before storing them away. For easy and convenient ironing, forget about the regular iron and opt for the clothes steamer that is easier and safer to use. A handheld version is compact, lightweight, you can store it on a small shelf and you will not need a lot of space to maneuver it. Simply hang the garment from a hook in the laundry closet and pass the clothes steamer over it to remove the wrinkles.