How to Design a Luxurious Vanity Room


A vanity room is a place in your bathroom, bedroom or another room in your house where you can get ready for the day, such as styling your hair, doing your make-up and making yourself look pretty. For most women, having a luxurious and elegant vanity room in their house is only a dream but rest assured, because you don’t have to make a whole in your budget in order to create an elegant vanity room. Just follow our tips and start creating the vanity room of your dreams.

Keep everything organized

Before starting to decorate your vanity room, take some time to add some storage solutions so that everything you own is well organized and clean. Unless you own a vanity table that includes several drawers and is large enough to accommodate all of your beauty products, accessories and styling devices, add one or two cabinets that have a similar design with your vanity table. For your styling tools, such as the flat iron make sure to place in a top drawer so that it’s always within your reach. Some flat iron models come with cases that are heat resistant, so you can easily store your flat iron in the case on the vanity table so it’s handy.

Invest in a classy vanity table

In a beauty room, the vanity table is certainly the main focal point because it’s the most important piece of furniture that shouldn’t miss from your ideal vanity room. Although you can use a desk or a narrow table as a vanity table, if you really want to make the space look really elegant and luxurious invest in a vanity table, or refurbish an old vanity table if you are on a budget.

Add a large mirror

Unless your vanity table already includes one or two mirrors, try to find a large and elegant mirror to add a touch of elegance to your decor. Hang the mirror on the wall above the vanity table so that you can clearly see yourself in it. You can also consider buying a mirror with lights in it if you want to make a standout style statement.

Add a glamorous chandelier

There’s nothing more luxurious that a beautifully designed chandelier and your vanity room is fit for it. It’s not mandatory to add a large chandelier, because a small one can still add a touch of elegance in your room, especially if you choose to hang it right above your vanity table or the area where you do your makeup.

Choose sheer curtains

Your vanity room furnishings can appear more refined when your windows are framed in elegant curtains. while it’s true you can choose between several type of fabrics, such as cotton or silk to make the space more elegant, our suggestion would be to add sheer curtains, in order to allow natural light to enter your room.