How to Design a Mediterranean Garden


An exotic garden doesn’t only refer to a garden that reminds of the jungle. If you want to change the way your garden looks and to make it more exotic, you should go with a Mediterranean design. Turn your garden from a boring and ordinary looking space to a spectacular play of elements by reading the following lines and applying what you learn about designing a Mediterranean garden.

What plants you should use

No matter how much space you have to work with, you can design the perfect Mediterranean garden easily. If you have a small garden and not much space at your disposal, use glade terra cotta pots to place the plants in. You can place the pots wherever you find the space for them, like the doorsteps or the patio. If you use pots for the plants, you have the advantage that you can use a lot of different types of plants. A great addition to the Mediterranean garden would be to place pots of bamboo around the place. To create a spectacular ambiance for the Mediterranean garden, you can plant sedum, coreopsis, sunflower, blanket flower, lavender, thyme, citrus trees, catmint, lamb’s ear, blue fescue, artemisia, and Mexican-bush sage.

Use hot colors

To create the perfect Mediterranean garden you have to use hot colors that pop out and make you feel like you’re in a Tuscan paradise. The hot hues from flowers like sunflower, coreopsis, and sedum work great with the contrasting shades of blue and silvery-gray foliage from plants like catmint, blue fescue, and Mexican-bush sage. To add even more color and to stay truthful to the Mediterranean garden design, place lightly colored boulders within the garden to mimic the specific landscape for this type of garden. Also, you can paint the garden walls with terra cotta or a soft beige color.

Furniture pieces

If space allows it, you should place some small furniture pieces in your Mediterranean garden. Add a small table and 2 chairs to create a sanctuary in which you can serve your coffee in the morning with your lover in peace and quiet. Decorate the table with mosaic tiles. You can decorate the walls and pots with mosaic tiles as well. All you have to do is to use sanded grout and mosaic adhesive and decorate these pieces according to a pattern that you like. Also, if you can’t find mosaic tiles, you can use seashells. If you use seashells you still remain true to the Mediterranean garden design.