How to hire a reliable nanny for your child


One reality of being a parent is the deep and immense love you develop for your bundle of joy – your child. Children are priceless gifts and deserve the absolute best, so your decision to hire a reliable Nanny is a great one.

Reliability is one of the major (if not the most important) skill a Nanny must have. He or She should also have integrity, good work mentality, trustworthiness and professionalism among others.

To hire a reliable Nanny, some Nanny agency in London will come in handy, but allow me to work you through the process. Guided by these steps, you should land a reliable Nanny soon enough.

  • Itemize your needs                          
  • Search
  • Interview
  • Check qualifications
  • Run a trial
  • Hire


A lot of times, parents make the mistake of diving into the search for the best Nanny in the world without first deciding on what their needs or requirements are. A clear image of what you want in your Nanny helps to streamline your search makes it easier and focused. Consider itemizing your expectations regarding:

  • Nanny’s duties.
  • Personal traits you prefer (have an open mind though).
  • Schedule.
  • Salary.
  • Experience.
  • Records (Criminal and driving).
  • Mobility (own a car or not).
  • Certifications (CPR, first aid, childcare etc)


Girded with a clear image of your expectations, it is time to begin the search. If you don’t mind spending some money on London Nanny Agency, you can use it. However, the first place to start is to ask for recommendations from the people you trust, especially those in your community – family, neighbours, friends, colleagues, local school etc. Other options are social media and Nanny Agency in London.


Once you have found several candidates who meet your expectations, schedule an interview individually. Discuss your expectations and issues around values, discipline, emergency situations, previous experiences, and more. Do not forget to talk about salary, though this is dependent on location, experience, and the number of children. For a Nanny Agency in London however, there is a fixed rate.

In addition, ask for references (at least 3 previous employers) and follow-up with a call. Previous employers will give you an insight into the strengths, weaknesses, reliability etc of the Nanny.


Double check the qualifications presented by the Nanny. It is important to check habits such as smoking, neatness organization etc.


The interview and check should help narrow down your candidates. Now it’s time to do a trial run for a few days or a week. Remember to lay down house rules and your child’s schedules and special needs (if any).

Be around on the first day or two to observe the Nanny’s comfort with your child and how their methods align with your parenting style. If after a day or two you feel comfortable, you can allow the Nanny autonomy by being away.

After this trial, discuss with the Nanny about the experience and what they think about working with you. Depending on the personality and age of your child, you can ask about the experience and how he or she feels about a permanent arrangement.


Apart from meeting your expectations, hiring a Nanny also depends on your instinct and ability to trust a Nanny with your child. If all these are positive, then make the arrangement permanent.

It is important that you know that this process may take some time and will require that you are patient. It’s always best to get it right once, no matter how long it takes. Remember, your jewel deserves the very best.