How to Install an Outdoor Stair Lift


When a loved one becomes incapacitated and can’t go up and down the stairs on his own, it’s time to buy an outdoor stair lift for that person to use. With its help, the incapacitated person can get in and out of the house in a safe way. If you bought an outdoor stair lift and you want to save money by installing it yourself, read the following lines to learn how you can do it.

Install the lower track

The first piece that you have to install is the lower track. First, you have to lay the lower track along the length of the stairs. After you lay the lower track, you can proceed to attach the brackets with the screws that you find in the installation kit of the stair lift. You have to make sure that you lay the lower track evenly. If you don’t pay attention while installing the lower track, the stair lift can become stuck in the middle of the track.

Call box wiring

When you’re done with installing the lower track, you can move on to the call box wiring. You should run the call box wiring under the track. Certain outdoor stair lifts have clips underneath the track. They are placed there to secure the wires. After you place the call box to its rightful place, you should secure it in an easy to reach place.

Align the upper track

After you’re done with the previous step, you have to align the upper track. You have to align the upper track above the lower track. Make sure to align them perfectly, or else the stair lift won’t function properly. The base of the seat will be placed between the lower and upper track, the second set of brackets being attached with screws. Therefore, pay close attention when you undergo with this part of the installation process.

Install the chain and pulley mechanism

Next, you have to install the chain and the pulley mechanism. You have already placed the chair at the center of the track. You have to pass the chain through the track, half of it on the right and half of it on the left. The power cable should be slid under the track slot. Make sure that it doesn’t jam, because the cable moves in conjunction with the chair.

Assemble the seat to the base

The last step that you have to go through to finish installing the outdoor stair lift is to assemble the seat to the base. Use the screws from the installation kit when you assemble the seat. Make sure that you take into account the size of the user when you go through this step. Tighten the screws well before testing the chair. Make the necessary adjustments until it’s perfect. Finally, plug in the power cable into the end of the track and into the electrical outlet.