How to relieve back pain after lifting heavy boxes


Moving boxes is an important part of every move. It helps you transport your precious belongings and household goods from one place to another safely. If you haven’t hired movers, you’ve got no choice but to move the boxes yourself. It’s up to you to do all the heavy lifting. Moving boxes can put a strain on your back, especially if you don’t do it right.  Back pain is common when it comes to heavy lifting. Not only does your back hurt, but also you could deal with a long-term problem. Keep on reading to find out how to take care of your back.

There’s no such thing as simple back pain 

According to Dr. Zaker, who is a professor emeritus of kinesiology and spine specialist at Zaker Chiropractic, insists on the fact that there’s no such thing as simple back pain. To put it simply, back pain doesn’t have a simple cause. It can have many causes and, therefore, numerous treatment options. The only thing we can talk about is individuals who haven’t undergone a complete assessment. If you’ve pushed your body too far, you’ll support the consequences. So, pay attention to what you do. 

Don’t suffer from back pain 

The pain caused by a muscle spasm or a tear in the muscle or ligament can be pretty upsetting. If you experience sharp, dull pain running down your spine, put a stop to the heavy lifting right away. back pain is persistent and, if it doesn’t improve after a couple of months, you can sustain complications like nerve damage, weight gain, and even depression. This is what to do to reduce back pain after moving around heavy boxes:  

Apply ice and heat to the area

Heat relaxes the muscles and relieves tension, while cold can turn out to be useful for making the pain go away. If it’s impossible for you to choose between heat and cold, consult with your doctor. Hot or cold compressions need to be applied based on the effects on blood flow. It’s not a good idea to apply the compressions while you’re feeling sleepy. If you fall asleep, you risk injuring the skin. 

Take some pain medications 

Your back starts hurting at the worst possible time ever. If the excruciating pain doesn’t go away, you might want to take some pain medications. Aspirin and ibuprofen will make you feel better. Alternatively, you could ask someone to go to the pharmacy and get you acetaminophen, which can severely reduce inflammation. It’s also gentler on the stomach. Find the right meds for you and use them correctly. 

Go see a chiropractor 

Do you find it impossible to continue with light activities such as walking or making the bed? If the answer is yes, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. The healthcare professional will help you get your back on track.  Chiropractors use various spinal manipulation techniques that help back pain. And no, they don’t crack bones. The point is that if you’re struggling to manage the level of pain, reach out to a professional immediately.