Important Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Custom Adhesive



These days, reaching out to the UK’s leading 3M tape convertors with an order for bespoke adhesive products has never been simpler. In fact, purchasing custom adhesives for any purpose whatsoever has become incredibly easy – the products themselves getting more affordable all the time. The reason being that there are more businesses and brands in this line of work than ever before – just as there are more businesses and brands up and down the United Kingdom ordering exactly such products.

The thing is though, you can’t realistically expect any bespoke adhesive product to do its job as it should if it’s not produced precisely in accordance with your needs. If you’re interested in adhesive products that fit the bill around 80%, you might as well purchase a generic product from any standard supplier. By contrast, if you’re making the effort to buy a bespoke adhesive product, it’s pretty safe to say that you will be doing so for an important purpose. It’s needed to get a very precise job done in a very precise way, which is exactly why it’s of the utmost importance to bear a few things in mind before purchasing.

Here is a short overview of a few key factors to consider when looking to buy a bespoke adhesive products:

1 – Material Type

First up – and most obviously of all – it’s crucial to factor in precisely what types of materials you have the intention to bond. The reason is that while one adhesive product might offer fantastic results with almost all types of materials, it might be damaging or even dangerous to use it with another. This is just as crucial when looking to join only a couple of various material types as when looking to work with a few dozens of very different material types. Whether out to buy and all-purpose bespoke adhesive for your brand or something specifically suited to one or more material types, you will need to consider exactly what you need before going ahead.

2 – Join Strength

The same is also true for the strength of the join needed as while there will always be cases when a very light bond is sufficient, other cases require something much stronger. Nowadays, custom adhesive products can be produced to offer quite literally any kind of join as needed by those using them. From the gentles joins similar to a sticky tape to the types of joins that go beyond industrial welding, it is a case of considering precisely how strong you need your bond to be and settling for nothing less.

3 – Join Permanence

Permanence is also an element to be carefully considered – as in precisely how long the join should hold for. In some cases, the perfect solution might be an adhesive that produces a bond that is literally permanent. In others however, the materials that are being joined might only need to be bonded on a temporary basis, which means that permanent joins are not necessary – or even best avoided. It is a case of considering the long-term and making your decision accordingly.

4 – Easy to Remove

On a very similar note, you may want to think about precisely how easy or otherwise you’d want to be able to remove the adhesives at any time. There are some adhesive products which just as soon as used on any given material are pretty much there forever and can’t be removed. At the other end of the spectrum, there are many adhesives that are designed to be as simple and easy to remove as possible and can be removed at any time without leaving a trace behind. Exactly which product makes the most sense for you will be decided in accordance with what you need the adhesive for, so it is worth considering your requirements beforehand.

5 – Curing Time

A quick point but a very important one, precisely how long it will take the adhesive to dry is something you also have control over when purchasing custom products. Whether it is necessary for the join to be formed in a few seconds or it makes no difference if it takes a full day to cure, it is an important point to consider before ordering.

6 – Health and Safety

Last up, health and safety should also come into the equation when it comes to custom adhesive products – some of which are much safer to use than others. It is a case of considering the environment in which the product will be used, who will be making use of it, how precisely it will be used and what it will be used for. When taking all these factors into consideration it should be relatively simple to decide what health and safety implications your choice will bring – all of which should influence your decision when purchasing a custom adhesive.