Incredibly useful services you wish you knew earlier



There are so many wonderful services out there, but unfortunately, many of us are still unaware about those. These services may, in fact, make so many people’s lives easier and more enjoyable, by easing the daily problems and issues that one might have. Take for example the Sky number`s helpline service. You know how difficult it is nowadays to get in touch with a customer relations representative. And this is specifically the reason why you need such services. But more useful services you will find in the following paragraphs.

1. Helpline online directories

Throughout your busy day, you may face some instances in which you really need to get in touch with a representative of the customer relations department of a company or another. However, you are faced with incorrect telephone numbers and plenty of frustration at the end of the process. These databases will help customers reach faster to those departments and get the necessary information in no time. This comes in handy, if we take into account the high number of companies that don’t provide a correct telephone number for these departments. Moreover, these services are easy to use. Simply type the name of the company in which you are interested and you will be provided with the number, or alternatively rerouted to the customer service department.

2. Free movie online services

We are all eagerly searching for free movies online. Some service providers of this kind have a generous selection of free of charge, full-length movies, some reaching somewhere around 15,000 movies available for their visitors. So, if you are on a budget and you cannot afford a Netflix pack, or going to the films weekly, we recommend these platforms.

3. E-mail notification services

These services allow the sender to be fully aware of the time when the receiver got into the possession of a given e-mail and when they opened it. So, no more “I didn’t get your e-mail” excuses from your friends or collaborators. Many think of these services to be a little intrusive, but when it comes to your well-being and security, it is all worth it.

4. E-mail address to URL platforms

These services will turn your e-mail address into a short URL address, which makes them easier to distribute on public platforms without revealing your true address. This will prevent your e-mail address from getting picked by spammy e-mail robots.

5. Free fax services

Some online service providers allow the user to send faxes internationally, without any charges. These are useful tools for anybody who has to deal with such issues frequently.

6. Systems that help you set goals

No matter it is about studying harder or losing weight, these systems will help you set goals and attain them. So next time when you try to make up excuses for not sticking to your workout schedule, you will have these smart systems making you to.

These are six intelligent services people all over the world may enjoy. Search the web for more, because the offer is limitless.