Is Your Home Polluted?


Many people believe that the most dangerous pollutants are outdoors but in fact, the indoor environment contains most of the pollutants that pose a threat to their health. You might think that your home is clean and it doesn’t hide any dangerous contaminant that could get you sick, but you will be amazed to discover how many unknown pollutants exist in your home without you having any idea it is there. Therefore, it’s me to ask yourself how polluted your house is and to look for ways to make it cleaner and safer.

    • The main concern in any home is dust mites, those little nasty bugs that hide in the most unexpected places. They are in your carpets, in your curtains, they live in your mattress and can get anywhere on the furniture then into the air you breathe. Most of the severe allergies are caused by these unpleasant mites that are impossible to see and hard to eliminate. A good weapon in getting rid of dust mites is the air purifier that absorbs the tiniest particles in the air, leaving it clean and safe for breathing.
    • If you smoke and you have the bad habit of smoking inside your house, you can be sure that the air is highly polluted and that you are at risk of developing respiratory problems. Cigarette smoke is the number 1 home pollutant that affects a wide range of people of all ages, and not only the ones that smoke are affected by it, but the non-smokers as well. The air purifier can help you in this matter as well as it has the ability to absorb and eliminate unpleasant odors including cigarette smoke, pet odors, or cooking odors. In order to see which are the best air purifiers for smoke, read some air purifier reviews on the website.
    • Mold spores are other home pollutants that should concern you and make you consider your home’s safety more seriously. They are the cause of mold, a serious home pest that can ruin your home’s aspect but also your health. Mold is the consequence of a high air humidity that encourages mold spores to appear in your home, so if you want to get rid of them you will have to get rid of air humidity first. The easiest way to do it is to use a dehumidifier that absorbs the excess moisture from the air in order to bring it to the proper level.
    • Your home can also be considered polluted due to the water running from your taps, which is not the cleanest and safest water you could enjoy. The many impurities and contaminants that exist in the tap water can reach into the air as well, thus increasing your home’s pollution level. You can solve the issue by buying the best house water filtration system that can absorb anything in the tap water, from the unpleasant chlorine odor to harmful heavy metals. The best house water filtration system can be a tad expensive, but this is an investment which will recuperate in the following years, as you will no longer have to buy bottled water again, since you will benefit from pure water, directly from your kitchen sink.