Landscape 101 – Recycled copper ideas for your garden


If you own a garden, you might want to update its looks from time to time. If you have on hand some leftover materials from a previous project, or maybe just decided to clean your garage and found some objects perfect for repurposing, we are here to help. DIY projects are a perfect way to save the environment and give your garden a fresh look. Of course, you can always use services like those provided by for recycling purposes and maybe make some extra money. However, below are some ideas for your garden, to make it look great.

1. Copper trellis for your climbing plants

Climbing plants have a romantic vibe, and if you want to make a climbing roses alley, we have a great idea. Use some leftover copper pipes and place them on each side of your alley. Different designs of such items are available on the web, and you might want to look at those. A ladder pattern will complement every garden. Moreover, you can do some recycling yourself and have a trellis that will last you a lifetime.

2. Tomato spiral for your vegetable garden

You might be the practical type of person and decided to have a vegetable garden. However, if you want to give your garden a classier look, you might want to use some copper tubing, shape it in a spiral, and place it near your tomatoes. They will grow in a beautiful shape and the fruits will be more accessible than they previously were.  Moreover, your plants will have a sturdy support to grow on without falling.

3. Copper wind chimes

You can see how this is going to be a foolproof DIY project. Get yourself a slice of wood, some of that leftover copper pipe you found in your garage and some string. Drill some holes in your slice of wood, and proceed to do so in your copper pipe as well. You will need to secure the pipes through the holes in the wood and create a hanger from the extra string. Place the wind chimes on your porch and enjoy a nice windy evening.

4. Copper labels for your vegetables and herbs

For owners of vegetable gardens, a practical idea to properly identify your little crops until they grow would be to make durable and reusable labels for them. From a thin sheet of copper, cut rectangles and using black paint write on them the name of your crops. Using old metal supports, stick them in the ground. From now on, you will always properly identify your vegetables and herbs.

Here are some ways a handy person could use old copper objects to create new and original ones. The options are endless, and if you search the web well, you will be able to make a new project every day for a few months from now. However, if you decide to make some extra money, find a recycling company. They pay well and you will be able to save the planet as well.