Leaving out of town? What about your pet?


Are you planning to go on a family trip for a few days or more? What about your pet? Being a pet owner comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to provide your dog or cat with constant care and affection. Apart from the daily responsibilities that are involved in your pet’s care, there is also one huge aspect that you can’t neglect: who will be taking care of your pet when you are out of town?

Here are x things to take into consideration when going on a vacation without your furry friend.

Where will your pet stay?

The most important aspect you need to take into consideration before leaving out of town without your pet is what accommodation your furry friend will have while you will be gone. Some owners prefer to leave their pets at their homes and ask a good friend or family member to visit them regularly until their return. Others prefer to look for a professional kattehotell where they can leave their pets in the care of experts.

Either way, whether you decide to leave your pet at home or at a dyreklinikk nittedal, you need to make sure that there will be someone who will feed your pet, take them to walks, and plays with them while you are gone.  

How to eliminate the anxiety of your departure

Don’t you think that you are the only one who will be missing your pet during your vacation. Your pet will also experience anxiety that you will be gone for such a long time. Even if you leave only for a few days, remember that animals perceive time different and for your pet, it will be like you have been away for an eternity.

Thus, you need to make sure that your pet won’t become too anxious or even depressed about the fact that you will be gone. If you decide to leave your pet at a kennel Gardermoen, you need to go with your pet there a few days prior to your departure and spend some time there together. Since they will get the chance to spend some time with you there, they will familiarize with the place and the people more easily and won’t feel too anxious about being left in an unknown place. Also, you can take there a few of your pet’s favorite toys so that they will feel more like home.

Consider your pet’s other special needs

One vital aspect to consider is whether or not your pet has some special dietary or medical needs. For example, if your pet is following medical treatment for a certain health condition, make sure that you mention that to your friend or to the shelter’s staff. Also, some pets have dietary needs due to certain health conditions or allergies. Thus, if your pet can only consume a certain type of food, keep in mind to leave your friend’s or the shelter’s staff enough food until you return.

When you are planning a vacation, you also need to plan wisely where your pet will be staying and who will be taking care of them until you return back home.