Less is more – helping children to be selective with toys


In the majority of cases, parents spend twice more than they have planned when buying toys for their children. But sometimes the toys end up in a corner of the room, without being used more than a few times, because children get bored quickly. In this way, you would only have to deal with a cluttered house, full of toys, and without knowing which one of the items could be thrown to garbage. Also, because the majority of them are not used, you do not consider suitable to give them away. In this case, you should know that the education your children receive regarding to what toys are important and which not is crucial. Before heading to a store for buying toys for boys, you should discuss with your little ones, and make them aware of some aspects, because they might be young, but they are able to understand.

Convince them that less is more

Talk with them, and make a selection of the toys they are using and the ones they do not like. Ask them why they are playing with certain ones, and leave aside the others, and help them understand that when buying new toys, they should choose the ones they find challenging and interesting. In case you consider that your children are not able to understand this aspect, you can help them, by buying different products during a longer period of time. In this way, they would tell you which one of them is the most important and they want to have first.

Fewer toys are better than no toys at all

If your children seem to not understand that they have to choose only a few toys from their long list, then you should show them that just because they have so many now, it does not mean that the case would always be like this. Take them in an activity outside the house one day, and leave all the toys at home. They would miss them, but would understand that having a few toys is better than having no toys.

Invest in quality toys

When they give you a list with toys, you should focus on finding quality ones, because in this way they would last in time, and your little ones would enjoy playing with them at least a few years. Make sure to think in advance, and buy them toys that they would find challenging even in a few months from now.