Living is easier in France. Here’s why


Over the past few years, France has known an increased number of immigrants, whether we are speaking about refugees or individuals that are part in the general exodus from their countries. But why? Who do so many people seem to prefer living in France over living in their home countries? For instance, Britons are choosing this country due to the collapse of the sterling, as well as the prospect of a prolonged recession. Meanwhile, the real estate segment of the French industry is flourishing due to the high number of immigrants investing their money in houses all over France. However, should an immigrant know more in terms of social security in France? The answer is yes, and they can easily get all the information needed from places like CPAM Seine Saint Denis. However, let’s see how living in France is easier than in other places in the following paragraphs.

Amazing social services

Living in France comes with the amazing benefit of having considerably better social security services than, say in UK or other neighbouring countries. Residents or non-residents can easily find their peace of mind in here when it comes to medical security services, prenatal and postnatal care, childcare, retirement and anything in between. In fact, France may have some of the most inclusive and comprehensive social security services, provided by dedicated public institutions, where everybody can easily find all the pieces of information needed. For instance, health insurance costs are covered by the Government and the employer, under the form of a mutuelle. Usually, about 80% of the medical fees are covered by this type of health insurance. Also, medical fees that emerge from a pregnancy are covered by health insurance, while prenatal care is mandatory for all women that want to give birth on French territory.

Prices are lower

Gas prices, food prices, beverage prices, they are all considerably smaller than in UK, for instance. As a result, if you are searching for an affordable place to live, many may recommend you France as a go-to option. While salaries are more than decent, and even those making a minimum monthly wage can afford living a more than comfortable living. The average French resident is able to afford at least a week’s worth vacation per year, which people in other countries are struggling with. Also, given the fact that people in France have five weeks of vacation yearly, it is worth the efforts of moving here! Also, the Internet, TV connection and mobile phone plans are considerably more affordable than in other corners of the world.

Everything is only a step away

It is amazing how many attractions one can find within a radius of several kilometres. You simply can take a week-end trip to the seaside; you can visit all an enormous amount of attractions in a week-end period as well.

These are some of the ways in which living in France is easier than in other countries. Consider these benefits next time you decide that you have to relocate.