Loving a substance addict – how to help them


There are quite common the cases when a person who is having a substance addiction to also suffer from physical and mental health issues. Some of them are short term problems, but others are chronic ones. When a person is an addict, they are not the only ones, who experience suffering, but also their loved ones, their children, their partner, their parents and all the other members of the family. For you, who are in love with someone who is struggling with substance abuse it is important to notice the signs of the addiction and to try to help them. But, most important, you have to make sure that you take care of yourself, because this is the only way you can offer them the support they need.

What the signs of substance addiction are?

In this article, you will a complete list of the signs that your loved one is having an addiction. The Holistic Sanctuary states that you should pay attention to these symptoms because they can offer insights about the experience a person has.     

  • They neglect their hygiene
  • They are becoming sad or angry when you are questioning about their substance abuse
  • They attend an event only if the substance they use is available
  • They lost their job multiple times, they are dropping their studies, or they are developing problems at their work
  • They are sleeping more, at irregular hours and they are always looking tired
  • They have memory issues

How can you help them?

There are multiple ways you can help a person you love to break their addiction. One of the best solutions is to take them to one of the drug rehab centers because they can receive professional help. There are great chances they to consider the treatment harsh, but you are doing it because you love them, and you want them to heal. You have to understand that you are doing it to help them, and every addiction is a disease of the brain that can have fatal consequences for the body.

They will slowly learn to manage their addiction, but they can fight with it only if they receive the help they need.

  • It is important for you to set certain boundaries and to stand by them, they will slowly understand that they have to respect them if they want to receive your support.
  • You should encourage them to find a treatment that suits their needs. It is important to find a therapist who is specialized in helping people who are dealing with the same problem as they do. They are not the only ones who need help, you need support also, so it is advisable to join a therapy group for the loving ones of substance-addicted persons.
  • You should give up alcohol and recreational drug use, because you will have to set an example for them, especially if they are your children.
  • In order to help them, you should show them that you support them during the rehab period. You should expect them to deal with the numerous consequences of their addiction, so the process would be stressful and overwhelming even for you.