Minimalist Interior Decor Ideas


The minimalist interior style is characterized by simple lines, usually monochromatic combinations brought to life by few decorations in either bold colors or with futuristic shapes. This interior décor is perfect for any room of the house and it can be a great choice for those looking for an airy interior design.

    • This kitchen is decorated with simple lines and the decorations are almost nonexistent. The dominant color is white, combined with the natural wooden pieces of furniture. Among the straight lines of the furniture and the shapes on the ceiling, the rounded lamp creates a discrepancy and adds some texture. Besides the lamp, the only decorations are the stainless steel appliances that combine design and functionality.
    • A main characteristic of the minimalist design, the straight and clean lines, are also present in this living room décor idea. The only piece of furniture is the one that works as both a closet and a table, which is what makes this interior décor an interesting idea. The combination of colors is also interesting and the futuristic shape of the chairs completes this stylish living room décor.
    • Here is another minimalist living room that impressed through versatility, simplicity, and elegance. The short piece of furniture in a delicate natural wood color matches the ceiling-high bookshelf that represents the centerpiece of the design. In this interior design, there are plenty of decorations starting with the sleek coffee table, the multiple pillows that decorate the armchairs and the windowsill in the back, the mushroom-shaped lamp, and the large paintings. What really attract the attention are the two ceiling lamps that come all the way to the middle of the room’s height.
    • For a black and white interior design, we have chosen this gorgeous living room decorated with white furniture on white walls. The texture is created by the zebra carpet, the futuristic orange armchair with matching ottoman, and the ceiling-high bookshelf filled with colorful books. A fluffy pillow on the white sofa and some futuristic small accessories on the furniture perfectly complete the design.
  • A minimalist bedroom creates an airy space that is not cluttered with unnecessary furniture or trinkets. This version includes pale shades of cream on the walls and floor that perfectly contrast with the dark red furniture in the same straight lines that characterize this style. Plenty of decorations fill the space above the bed to offer personality and warmth to the bedroom.