Modern Garden Designs


A modern garden is the embodiment of elegant and fashionable accents combined into a simplistic design. Contemporary pieces of furniture, sleek shapes and quality materials make this decorating style suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. You can choose to decorate your garden or your patio by inspiring from the stylish modern garden ideas we have selected below.

    • This decorative assembly can be easily integrated into a modern garden design due to the interesting combination of shapes and colors. The portions of lawn and the white pavement create a checkerboard pattern while the round stone pot holders add more shape and texture to the landscape. In the background, there is a large stone pot that holds a variety of plants surrounded by white gravel.
    • The poolside can be decorated in a modern style as well, like this example that combines multiple modern accents like the wooden pergola and alley, the futuristic shaped pool lounges and the stylish flower pots. The luxuriant plants complete the landscape and add a touch of color to the design.
    • This design represents a luxurious water feature in a garden consisting of stylish and elegant details. There is a wooden stair leading toward the water, decorated with lights under each step, the water is surrounded by a fence made of stones, and there are numerous shrubs that decorate the garden.
    • For a wonderful relaxation area, opt for some futuristic pool chairs in a dark color that will contrast with the white pavement around them. Some trimmed shrubs and hedges are enough to add texture to the garden.
    • Here is a modern garden that combines geometric shapes and many types of materials into an interesting design. You have wood, stone, metal, and glass put together in a décor that looks amazing without being cluttered. The multiple greenery only adds to the beauty of the garden.
    • This garden is airy and spacious yet functional and very attractive. It basically consists of a deck decorated with tiles with a wooden wall in the background. The relaxation area includes a stylish bench with many colorful pillows and a large table, all completed by some plants and flowers.
  • Choose to play with colors and shapes in a modern garden design that features a pond, a floating deck, and a minimalist set of garden furniture. The straight lines and the engineered water feature perfectly blend into this interesting landscape that boosts your home’s curb appeal.