Most common pests in residential spaces and how to get rid of them


Insect infestations are among the biggest nightmares that homeowners, homemakers, and dwellers face. These home invaders bump and squeak, and destroy things and can cause a persistent headache. Often, no matter what and how much you try, they just keep coming back. This article discusses the most common pests and suggests proven methods as recommended by Pest Control in Forest Gate that can be adopted in preventing, discouraging, and treating infestations that don’t involve you spraying the whole house with toxic chemicals.


These are the chief tormentors of houses in almost all parts of the world. They might not cause you any diseases directly but are sure to ruin your shebang. Their destruction rate is currently estimated at 3.7 million every year. And Pest Control London has had quite some travails dealing with them. Fighting termites is very daunting because their colonies eat without stopping, 24 hours every day. Day. The first thing to do to prevent termites from attacking your house is to make sure their food sources are scarce. This you can ensure by keeping woodpiles and other things like mulch as far away as possible from your house. Also, avoid building wooden structures close to or against your home’s foundation. You can turn to non-toxic solutions that will help prevent nontoxic chemicals like neem tree oil, borax, and orange oil to make sure termites keep away from your home for good.


Weevils come in several types, and each type of weevil attacks its choice of food, even though many of their preferred choices overlap. The most common are rice and maize weevils. It’s definitely not such a delightful prospect sharing your food with vermin, or, worse still, having to find them wallowing inside. Imagine chewing rice and accidentally chewing one. Keep them from taking over your kitchen by removing foods that are cleaning your food stores out regularly and making sure to get rid of already contaminated food. You can also kill their eggs and larvae by storing problematic foods in the freezer for a couple of days or more.


In the UK, several species of ants plague homes. Even though they pose no danger to humans, they are pretty annoying and could cause damage similar to that caused by termites. Seal every entry point along the house with caulk and consider sprinkling spices like cinnamon and paprika around your pantry to prevent ants from lounging around your groceries.


Cockroaches spend three-quarters of their lives sleeping, and can also resistant to frigid temperatures. Ironically though, they are drawn to humid, warm places, like the bathroom, basement, and kitchen. They cause different diseases and allergies and can be very disgusting. Keep your kitchen counters clean and dry, drain your sink, make sure your home is neat, and you should be fine.

In severe insect infestation cases, contact local pest exterminator services to come check it out. Pest control in Forest gate is an effective choice and can clean out thoroughly any room that has or might be infiltrated with creepy crawlers.