New to Custom Adhesives? Avoid These Rookie Errors at All Costs:



Working with a 3M preferred tape converter for the first time can be encouraging and daunting in equal measures. On one hand, you’re taking steps towards better business efficiency, improved performance and perhaps even significant financial benefits for the long-term. That is, assuming you do business with the very best service provider available, while at the same time selecting a product that is fit for its intended purpose.

That said, even if you obtain an absolutely outstanding adhesive from the best bespoke manufacturer on the market, this doesn’t mean you can take things for granted.  In fact, there are still plenty of things you can (and probably might) do to send things in entirely the wrong direction.

So if you’d prefer to get the most out of your custom adhesives and avoid wasting your time and money, be sure to steer clear of the following six rookie errors at all costs:

1. Not reading the instructions

First and foremost, if you choose not to read the instructions in their entirety and heed every word, you are essentially welcoming disaster.  Or if not disaster, problems with performance in general. The simple fact of the matter is that with every industrial adhesive product comes a list of the kinds of things you should and should not be doing with it. Failed to take into account even one of these important points and you could be jeopardising the performance, perhaps even the safety of your business. Given how easy it is to read an instruction booklet, there really is no excuse for making this kind of mistake.

2. Using too much

Contrary to popular belief, more isn’t always better when it comes to industrial adhesives.  In fact, taking things beyond the recommended usage level could compromise the effectiveness and integrity of the bond. While at the same time wasting the industrial adhesive, thereby wasting your money as well.  Once again, it all comes down to ensuring that you use the adhesive in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions – the importance of doing so having already been explained above.

3. Inappropriate use

When you buy a custom adhesive product, it is designed for use with certain materials and in certain applications. The whole point of buying a custom adhesive product is that it is meticulously tailored and therefore by no means generic or suitable for all purposes across the board.  As such, if you decide to use a custom adhesive for a purpose for which it was not intended, you have no one to blame but yourself when things go wrong. Which they probably will, bringing in-tow the kinds of consequences you’d prefer to avoid.

4. Poor storage conditions

One of the biggest mistakes made by so many newcomers to custom adhesive products is that of failing to store them inappropriate conditions. Exactly what represents appropriate conditions for any given adhesive will be determined by its unique properties. Which, as already mentioned on more than one occasion, is why it is of such importance to read the manufacturers guidelines in full.  You will be provided with full instructions as to how and where this adhesive product should and should not be stored. Choose to ignore this basic yet important information at your own risk.

5. Overlooking health and safety

Contrary to popular belief, industrial adhesive products do not have to be in any way dangerous. It’s simply a case of ensuring that they are handled and used appropriately – in full accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  Common sense is really all it takes to ensure that accidents and injuries are avoided, when working with industrial adhesives. Nevertheless, throw caution to the window and it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong – perhaps devastatingly so.

6. Not asking questions

Last but not least, if there are any issues whatsoever that are not comprehensively covered in the manufacturer’s instructions, it is your responsibility to reach out for advice. Always remember that you are only ever a phone call away from those who designed and manufactured the adhesive product in the first place – thus all the information you need to use it efficiently, effectively and safely. As they often say, the only dumb question is a question you fail to ask when you really could have done with doing so! It’s all part of the customer service package you’ve paid for, so you might as well use it!