Preparing For Residential Rehab



Regardless of which of the alcohol rehab clinics in London you’ve decided to attend, you’ll inevitably experience the same concerns and doubts ahead of time. While rehabilitation in all its forms is never easy, it can be particularly difficult for those who have never gone through such processes before. When you have no frame of reference, you may find yourself expecting the worst, or perhaps simply driving yourself crazy due to fear of the unknown.

Of course, anyone who makes any kind of indication that residential rehab represents an enjoyable or pleasant process isn’t being truthful. Nevertheless, it very rarely turns out to be even remotely as unpleasant as those approaching it for the first time expect. Not only this, but it almost always tends out to be the attitude and expectations of the patient in question that come together to determine the outcome. It’s natural and inevitable to be troubled by the prospect of a residential rehab program, but this doesn’t mean that proactive preparation cannot make it all much easier to cope with.

So with this in mind, what follows he’s a quick overview of the five most important tips for those looking to join a residential rehab program for the first time:

1. Do Your Homework

First and foremost, there is really only one solution when it comes to filling in the gaps in your knowledge.  As this is any instance where ignorance certainly isn’t bliss, you should definitely think about doing as much research as possible ahead of time. Not to terrify yourself with the unpleasant aspects of what’s to come, but instead to familiarise yourself with the basics of residential rehabilitation.  As is the case with most things, the more you understand about the process from start to finish, the less daunting it becomes. You can’t realistically expect to find yourself looking forward to it, that you will at least rule out any nasty surprises along the way.

2. Gauge Your Expectations

One of the most important rules for anyone approaching addiction recovery treatment for the first time is that of gauging your expectations accordingly.  There are basically two very big mistake you can make when it comes to expectations – both lying at opposite ends of the spectrum.  For example, if you enter into a course of rehabilitation under the impression that it is going to be a walk in the park, you are in for a nasty surprise. Likewise, if you enter into a treatment programme 100% convinced that you are doomed to failure, it is pretty much inevitable that you are indeed going to fail. Instead, you simply need to be realistic and accept that while there will be challenges along the way, you have the strength and support to overcome them.

3. Visit Ahead of Time

While it’s difficult to face up to the reality of what’s happening, burying your head in the sand on till the last minute isn’t going to help.  Which is precisely why it is a good idea to not only visit your chosen rehabilitation facility ahead of time, but to do so on multiple occasions.  And so not only visit, but to spend as much time as necessary chatting with those who work there. The reason being that the more familiar and comfortable you are with your surroundings and those assisting with the course of treatment, the easier it becomes to deal with.  And the easier it becomes to deal with, the more likely you are to make solid and rapid progress through your treatment program.

4. Have Faith in the Staff

There will be times in the run up to your admittance that you think you know best and that the staff members themselves clearly don’t know what they are talking about. This is because for various reasons, it will frequently be necessary to tell you things you don’t want to hear and perhaps instruct you to do things you don’t want to do. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that those working with you on your treatment program know more about addiction and recovery than you yourself will ever know. Which in turn means that if you want to achieve the best possible results, UNITA maintain faith in the centre’s staff members at all times.

5. Look to the Future

Last but not least, one of the most important rules of all when it comes to getting through residential rehab successfully is to be continually focusing on the future. Right now, you may be feeling as if the world is crashing down around you and there’s no hope. A few months from now, your life could be completely transformed. So rather than focusing on just how unpleasant things are for the time being, focus your energy on the more pleasant times to come.