Shabby Chic Kitchen Design Ideas


Nowadays, if you want to redecorate your kitchen, you have so many options that you will probably find very hard to choose one. However, a good choice would be the shabby style, which has become extremely popular nowadays. Therefore, in case you are interested in it, have a look at the following shabby chic kitchen ideas, for some inspiration.

White everywhere

If you love white, then put it everywhere. Choose white cabinets, a white kitchen island, and white decorations as well. For a bit of contrast, go for a floor in a different color, but make sure that the difference of hue is not too big. Shabby actually means simplicity and this is exactly what this kitchen has to offer. For an extra effect hang some letters on the wall, as you can see in the above image. They will certainly not go unnoticed, and they will beautify the whole place. However, this design is perfect for those who have a small interior, but still want to make it look amazing in order to enjoy the time spent there.

Combine more colors

This is definitely one of the most beautiful shabby chic kitchen design ideas that should be taken into account by anyone who is planning to decorate the kitchen in this style. The room has textural bits, and it is without a doubt a wonderful one, and most of all very different. The old style furniture is definitely in the spotlight and it is a detail that it is found in all shabby kitchens. Furthermore, the lightening elements play an important role in the whole décor. Colors like blue, gray or light brown could be good choices for a design like this. Therefore, make sure that you choose one of them in order to create a 100% original shabby kitchen.

Make it green

First of all, if you have a large room, then you are without a doubt very lucky. You can actually choose as many cabinets as you would like in order to beautifully organize all your things. Green looks absolutely amazing, and you should consider it a great option. Old-style cabinets and a massive table must be placed in your kitchen, in order to create the desired décor. Remember that furnishings that show signs of tear and wear are essential in a design like this. Furthermore, vintage floral patterns should not miss as they are typical of this amazing style.