Simple ribbon decoration ideas for a garden wedding reception


Nowadays, many couples choose to hold their wedding reception in an outdoor setting, the most popular option being their own garden. This alternative is not only far more affordable, but it can also make the wedding party seem more cosy and romantic. However, because you will have to handle the venue decorating part on your own, having some tips in mind will certainly come in handy. To make everything seem more chic and appealing, without having to put in a lot of effort or spend too much money, using ribbon as your main decorative accessory can be a great option and the following ideas will help you out:

Tableware ribbon embellishments

A simple trick to give your table setting a popping effect is by embellishing the tableware with some ribbons. Tie the forks and knives together, using a strap of personalised wedding ribbon before placing them on the table, next to the plates. Also, use the same type of ribbon and tie pieces around the stem of the wine glasses. This trick will bring the overall table décor together, the matching effect being one that will certainly grab attention.

Ribbon chandeliers

If you have enough trees around the garden, you can instantly beautify them, by placing a few ribbon chandeliers here and there. This type of project is not complicated to handle, and you will find many step by step tutorials on the internet that will help you learn how to create them. If you choose bright, vibrant colours, the ribbon chandeliers will certainly make a unique décor attraction.

Ribbon decorated chairs

A few pieces of ribbon tied around the backrest of your chairs will certainly make your garden reception décor seem more colourful and appealing. However, make sure to choose the right type of ribbon fabric, in order to work easily with this decorative element. You can always opt for satin or grosgrain, if you have difficulties in this department. Just give this idea a try, and see if you like how it looks.

If you have decided to skip on the traditional restaurant venue for your wedding reception, and hold the event right in your garden, you probably want to make sure the area will look perfect. Decorating an outdoor area might seem complicated at first, but not if you follow a few tips. With these few ideas at your disposal, you will not have to pay a wedding decorator, because you can make your reception décor look amazing on your own, with minimal effort.