Simple tricks to get rid of parenting stress


Looking after children is one tough job and even the kindest, most loving and patient parent can become the victim of stress at one point – especially if parenting leave is over and you have to juggle work and family life. There is no shame in admitting that parenting can become stressful, because it happens to everyone and, after all, there are many ways to relieve this stress and turn it into positive energy. Try these simple tricks and you’ll see that you’ll feel more relaxed within minutes.

Play online slots or casual games

Many parents imagine that, in order to get rid of stress, they have to go on vacation or be away from home for long periods of time and, while this does indeed make the biggest difference, there are other stress-relieving tricks that only require a few minutes. For example, did you know that playing simple, casual games online helps a lot? A game such as Fluffy Favourites free spins can help you relax. With its cute graphics and cute sound effects, it’s impossible not to feel better after playing. Another idea is to install games on your phone and play them when you have a few spare minutes. Avoid games with mature themes or complex storylines, because they can make you agitated and look instead for simple puzzles and relaxing themes.

Yoga and meditation

Whether you’re spiritual or you love light exercises, yoga and meditation will help you cope with the daily stress of being a parent. All you need is a yoga mat, a loose top and a playlist with relaxing tracks. Don’t think of this activity as exercising, think of it as an occasion to be mindful and spend some time with yourself. If you’ve never done yoga before and don’t know where to start, you can watch a few YouTube videos for beginner yoga.

Adult colouring books

Are you creative? Do you love paying attention to details? Then discover the latest sensation for busy people: adult colouring books. Not only is it very rewarding, because you can create impressive pictures, but also very soothing, because the designs are really intricate. Spending a few minutes colouring every day will relieve stress and, if you also pick a theme that you like, it will be double the fun. For example, you can get a Harry Potter colouring book or one with flower designs.


Last, but not least, jogging is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. Whether you have time for this in the morning, before taking the kids to school, or at night, when everyone is fast asleep, it will make a major difference for your state of mind and physical condition. Jogging allows you to clear your head, forget about the worries of the day and look at your problems from a new perspective. There’s no need to be professional about it either. All you need are a pair of decent running shoes and a phone with your favourite tunes on it!