Smart ways to integrate branding into your office design


In the corporate world, the brand you create for your business is the one that influences the success of the business. Once you establish a reputation for your business on the market, you will not have difficulties to attract more clients. Once you are considered a reputable company in your industry, the next step is to integrate your brand’s elements into the design of the office. The office should have a professional appearance, because it has to be in accordance with the image you have created for your business. If you integrate branding elements into the design of your office, then the colours, logo and font will be associated with the name of your firm. This way your clients and partners will not have difficulties to associate your name to your office and products.

Logos are crucial

The logo of the business should be the starting point when you start designing the look of the office. In case you do not have a logo, it is advisable to hire a professional company like Kiasu Print Pte Ltd to create you one, because you have to make sure that the result will be a logo that stands for your values. If you integrate the logo in the design of the office, you convey brand identity throughout the office space. Also, you can use items like mugs, mats and other stationery items to add place the logo.   

Artwork helps you send a message

Artwork is an essential element in a business office, because it offers it personality. You should install a large piece of artwork in every one of the rooms of the office. For the entranceway, you can opt for an artwork that includes the name and logo of your company, because it will reassure the visitors that they are in the right place.

Include the company’s ideology in the office design

Branding means more than a simple logo. It means that you have a certain ideology you want to transmit, and it should be visible for everyone. You can rely on your ideology when you create the common seal Singapore and other stationery items. The office should reflect the positive experience you want your clients to have when they buy form you. Use imagery to show your ideology. The office atmosphere is also another factor that helps you transmit your values.

Be proud of your work

It is important to show the persons who visit your office that you are proud of your work. If you sell products, then you should have pictures from the social media campaigns you have used to promote the products in your office. The same goes for services, it is important people to know that these products and services are made by you, and you are proud of their quality. If you want people to continue to buy from you, you should convey them that you stand for a capable business from the moment they step into your office. Have a shelf with the magazines that published articles about your company.