Steampunk Living Room Ideas


Do you think that your living room has a much too common design and you would like to make it look spectacular? If so, then some steampunk living room ideas will definitely provide you with some inspiration that might help you obtain wonderful results with ease. Therefore, make yourself comfortable and take a look at the following lines.

Black, brown and gray

These three colors are typical to this style. Therefore, why not use them?! A black massive leather sofa will add an elegant touch to the whole room. Even if a piece of furniture like this costs a small fortune, it is certainly worth the money. If it is quality leather, then it will last a very long period of time, which actually means that it would be a long-term investment. Some shelves in the industrial style will complete the whole decor in a stylish way. You mustn’t forget about decorations which must represent the same style. Whatever you choose to do, remember to mix similar hues of colors, and do not go for some bright ones.

Go for a glossy brown epoxy floor

As we mentioned brown is one of the main colors that defines this style. However, a plain hardwood floor can be way to expensive, not to mention too mainstream. So, if you are looking for a cheaper, and more interesting alternative, consider this glossy epoxy floor. If you go for this choice, keep in mind that epoxy coatings need to be installed by professionals, and not all contractors are equally skilled when it comes to installing this floors. Our recommendation would be to work with Treadwell, as they are the most trustworthy Epoxy Flooring Kansas City contractors. On their website, you can find an impressive portfolio which proves the quality of their services, not to mention that they also have some great reviews from previous customers. So, Treadwell is definitely the right company for your glossy steampunk epoxy floor.

Add style by building a fireplace

If money and space allow you, then you could build a fireplace. This way, you will have a warm and pleasant indoor environment that will give you peace and relaxation. This is definitely one of the best steampunk living room ideas. Not only does the fireplace make the room look very intimate and comfortable, but it also goes perfectly with the beautiful sofas and the chandelier. The mechanical elements with lush are essential for the steampunk design and they do not miss in this decor. These colors are very common in this style and you should also go for them if you want to make the whole place 100% steampunk.

Add some lively colors

It is allowed in this style to add some lively colors, but you must know exactly what to add. Brown could be a great choice and if you go for an armchair in this color as the one in the above picture. A carpet with red and beige will also be a wonderful choice. Again, decorations should not miss. Some amazing painting will certainly beautify the whole interior. What you must have in mind, when decorating your living room in this style, is to go for items that are inspired from the Victorian age. Moreover, most of the colors should be neutral. Leather, old decorations, exposed bricks, and antique items are essential in a steampunk living room.