The nursery: letting your creativity run wild


There are rooms in the house that are perfect for allowing creativity run wild and making the best of it. You have to admit that there is nothing more appropriate than interior design to get your imagination running and to make you search deep in your heart to figure out exactly what your passions are. The nursery is a special place. Parents feel at peace here, because this is the room where their love is expressing itself. The laughing and murmuring of a child is the expression of the love between two people. When decorating the nursery, you have to incorporate all these aspects and create something truly special, something unique, not just for your new-born, but for yourself as well. So, here are a few thoughts you might find useful.

Organza bags or memories


Usually, expensive or cheap organza bags are used to offer guests wedding favours. However, when everything ends, when the party reaches its grand finale, you are left with lots of them. Instead of throwing them away, you could use them in the nursery. Fill them with ribbons, messages of love and happiness and even the favours you have offered at your wedding. Arrange them carefully and place them somewhere high, where your child cannot reach them. These represent the love between you and your partner, the love that made the wonder resting in the crib.


Colours all around


There is nothing that can express the joy of childhood better than colours. It is said that baby boys should be surrounded by blue, light blue, whereas girls deserve pink. However, a nursery should express happiness before anything else. So, don’t be afraid to use them. Wall art for nurseries is easy to find, so check the market. Perhaps you might find something interesting. If not, there is always the option to ask a painter to draw something on the walls.


Be practical, yet chic


It is very important to allow yourself get lost in creativity. However, at no point should you forget the purpose of the room. Since this is a nursery, you will have lots of store space. So, invest in a few cabinets, chic, white ones with a vintage design. This will ensure you with a lot of storage room, while protecting the overall aspect of the nursery.


Hopefully, these tips will come in handy. Remember that your home should be your personal project and you are the only one who can say what goes where.